The problem of dry and cracked feetis generally because of our ignorant nature towards caring for it. To avoid such a situation in your life, make sure you follow some solutions as soon as you notice dryness and fine lines in the feet. Some health related issues that can lead to cracked feet include athlete’s foot, thyroid and more. In case you want to completely avoid worsened situations like bleeding make sure you start caring for them as soon as you feel the skin on the feet getting hardened. Here are some safe and effective home remedies that will give you far better results than any ointments or medications.
Bananas are one of those natural items straight from your fruits rack that can work real wonders on your worsened feet condition without much hassle. Honey definitely has healing properties and makes for an excellent skin care product as well along with many other benefits. You can even apply some peppermint oil everyday on the dry cracked feet to get back the lost suppleness.
A warm soak with apple cider vinegar can also be prepared at home to help treat the dry and ugly cracks on the heels. This warm water foot soak can also be substituted with baking soda which is a common item from the kitchen. It is advisable to drink loads of water that will keep the skin hydrated and avoid dryness in the feet. A little-known sunscreen ingredient thats safe to use on children to relief the painful itching and burning of childhood scabies.
Scabies appear worldwide and easily spread in crowded communities, like student homes or prisons.
Scabies is difficult to  diagnose  based on microscopic examination of skin scrapings (these are positive in only 20% of cases). Scabies infections are quite common all over the world and won’t just go away unless it is treated.
Scabies, also known as sarcoptic itch and acariasis, is the highly contagious infestation with  Sarcoptes scabiei , a tiny, whitish-brown, eight-legged mite that burrows into the skin to lay its eggs. Scabies mites live for about 30 days, during which time the female mite can lay two or three eggs a day.
Scabies infestations are spread through both casual and sexual contact, when the mite migrates from one host to another.
Scabies lesions can be scraped to obtain a sample of tissue, which is mixed with potassium hydroxide (KOH) and examined under a microscope for eggs, feces, and mites. Upon a scabies diagnosis, patients will then be prescribed with some kind oftreatment for scabies , which will typically include the topical cream Permethrin. Tea tree oil is an excellent natural scabies treatment that does not require a prescription and is very easy to implement. There are a number of ways to treat a scabies infection but many physicians prescribe lotion for scabies as part of a treatment plan.
The microscopic scabies mite almost always is passed by direct, prolonged, skin-to-skincontact with a person who already is infested. You should talk to your doctor about the benefits and risks of using a prescription medication to treat scabies during pregnancy. Scabies mites may survive for two or three days away from human skin, so it is important to kill scabies in the environment.
Over the counter medicines like anti-Itching cream and antihistamine pills help you feel better but do not kill scabies.
One of the identifiable symptoms of scabies rash is that the itching increases at night or after taking a hot shower. Patients are best off if they treat Scabies with an effective lotion for Scabies applied properly. Asthma is a chronic inflammatory disease caused due to genetic and environmental factors characterized by heavy panting and difficulty in breathing. While the allergens are being forced out of the airways, the muscles around the bronchial passages form a strong hold on the airways. Having a cup of black, green or herbal tea has been found to have curative effect on the coughing associated with asthmatic patients. Fenugreek seeds, to be soaked overnight and taken first thing in the morning, on an empty stomach, have proven to have a curing effect on the coughing associated with asthma.

Dried figs are believed to possess many medicinal properties that help reduce the coughing in asthma.
Hemorrhoids are swollen veins inside the rectum or around the anus that cause inflammation, pain and bleeding. These symptoms of hemorrhoids occur on account of increased pressure on the anal veins due to strained bowel movements, pregnancy or childbirth. This plant, also known as Knee Holly or Sweet Broom, is a traditional medicine used for hemorrhoids.
This herb has an active ingredient called aescin known to have anti-inflammatory properties.
The bark and leaves of this plant are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Witch Hazel has tannins that act as an astringent. The leaves and seeds of this tree are used in the treatment of hemorrhoids. Neem has anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties.
In case you suffer from other illnesses in addition to having hemorrhoids, it is best to consult your doctor before trying out any of these herbal remedies. Though it is something that you can categorize as a health ailment but then acute cracks in the heels can definitely lead to serious problems. During the former stages it is more of a skin and beauty care that you should adhere to.
On the other hand the surroundings like the dry and chilly season can also result in such a condition.
Herein, we can easily make use of their properties to treat the dryness of the feet as well.
To do the same, make sure you mix in some drops of the oil in your foot lotion before applying.
Make a warm foot soak by adding a cup of hot milk into it and keep the foot in it for sometime.
If you want to immediately eliminate the redness associated with scabies, simply crack open a Vitamin E gel-cap and spread it on your sores Balsam of Peru, an essential oil extracted from certain South American trees, is an excellent scabies killer. The All Stop Scabies Combo Pack begins working immediately to attack the scabies mites and eggs buried beneath the skin. Magnesium helps control muscle contractions, thus reducing the cough causing asthmatic spasms. The caffeine and theophyline – enzymes found in a cup of black, green or herbal tea are believed to relieve the excessive coughing. Fenugreek seeds are a rich source of various minerals, vitamins and phytonutrients which nourish the body and provide relief for the coughing during asthma. Dried figs are rich in calcium, potassium and iron, all of which are necessary for building a strong immune system. We run network of high quality 50+ high niche websites with millions of regular visitors, Please connect with us.
However, this condition can be easily cured using highly effective herbal remedies, right at home. Butcher’s Broom extract has an active compound called ruscogenin with vein-constricting and anti-inflammatory properties.
Aescin improves blood circulation through the veins. It also strengthens the walls of blood vessels. It has anti-microbial and anti-inflammatory properties that fight infection and reduce swelling. Comfrey root powder contains allantoin that increases the proliferation of healthy cells and heals hemorrhoids. Apply a paste of dry Neem seed powder or Neem leaves mixed with coconut oil, topically to external hemorrhoids to speed up healing. However, if you don’t treat them in the earlier phases of occurrence then it can lead to severe pain and discomfort in the area.
Now apply this evenly on the feet and leave for 10-15 minutes before washing it off with a little warm water. Now soak your legs every day in this liquid for about 10-15 minutes to leave them soft as well as to cure the dryness completely.
One of the easiest ways is to soak a clean cotton ball in olive oil and apply it on the affected areas.

All you have to do is soak the foot in warm water everyday for at the least 10 minutes which has a little bit of salt added to it. The antiseptic property will help you not only kill the bacteria in the area and save you from infection but also help reduce the soreness. You can also add bath salts available in the market to this water to ease out the muscles as well as improve the skin quality. Either you make a jojoba oil and oatmeal paste or use lemon and Vaseline for the same purpose. Also a diet that is rich in iron, zinc, omega fatty 3 acids and minerals that will benefit the body and speed up the recovery procedure of cracked feet. Just mix it with this common food item (found on almost every grocery list) for maximum effect.
Includes a Free Travel Size All Stop Mitactin Skin Spray to help eradicate your scabies problem while away from home! Using a bronchodilator helps loosen up these rigid muscles, thus decreasing the resistance developed in the airways and relieves the patient of the cough causing spasms. A cup of black, green or herbal tea before going to bed is a good way of soothing the nerves. Dried figs can be soaked in water for an hour and should be eaten along with the water it was soaked in.
This actually shrinks the swollen veins, eliminating hemorrhoids. The best way to consume this herb is in capsule or tea form.
Such medicated pads have to be used topically over the anus to get instant relief from intense itching, discomfort and pain caused by hemorrhoids.
This should be followed by pat drying them and using a good quality moisturizer to nourish the skin. Keep any one of the two scrubs on the affected area for 30 minutes and rinse off with cold water. The reasons for this dry cough are speculated to be the allergens or irritants that set off body’s immune mechanism thus producing histamine and leading to swollen airways. The bronchodilaor has been found to be the most effective form of treating the coughing associated with asthma, providing instant relief to the patients. For asthmatic patients, it also helps stop the night-time coughing that can often lead to an asthmatic attack further worsening their problems. This extract can also be applied externally as a compress to reduce inflammation and swelling. Witch Hazel extract cools and nourishes the affected veins, reducing swelling to a great extent. Do note that the essential oil must be diluted with a base oil like coconut oil to prevent skin irritation.
These airways or bronchial passages then go into spasms to force the allergen out which causes the cough.
Cinnamon, when taken with honey before going to bed, helps stop the coughing during the night. Figs help asthmatic patients control the coughing as they drain phlegm thus reducing the chances of coughing. Turmeric and honey, the first thing in the morning, relax the muscles around the bronchial tubes.
This can be had first thing in the morning to cure the coughing that is associated with asthma.
Broccoli, being a cruciferous vegetable, is high in its magnesium content and two portions of broccoli, when consumed per week, can help relieve the cough to a large extent. Beetroot and potatoes are tubers that provide the required amount of magnesium on a daily basis.

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