A physical therapist is a caregiver who can make the difference between a person living crippled and in pain or being free from it and learning new ways to live and restore mobility. Be sure to request information from more than one school in order to compare which program is best for you. Since 1996, Southern California Health Institute has been dedicated and committed to helping students achieve their dreams by providing an exceptional education that enables them to become skilled and successful manual therapists. New England Institute of Technology is a private, non-profit, co-educational technical college offering over 30 Associate in Science, Bachelor of Science and Master of Science degree programs. Centura College, with campus locations in Virginia, South Carolina and Florida, is dedicated to helping students gain the skills and attitudes necessary to succeed. As a recognized leader in higher education since 1920, IWU empowers busy adults to reach their educational goals, advance in their careers, and find their true calling in life, all within a supportive, faith-based environment.
Opportunities for Advancement: Board certification opens the door to more opportunities in different specialization areas. A physical therapist must find the solution to a variety of problems that disable patients. There are numerous situations where a person can lose their ability to move and suffer great pain. The plan will typically call for different techniques to be applied such as massage, stretching, or the application of heat or cold to the injured area. While carrying out the patient’s plan, the physical therapist monitors progress and makes decisions as to if the plan needs adjustment.

After their programs, physical therapists must complete a residency program that can last from 9 months to 3 years. For example, a patient who has suffered a painful sports injury can be relieved of the pain and begin the healing process through the techniques of a physical therapist. We have graduated over 1,500 students who are now a part of a larger community of wellness and healthcare. As a leader in Technical Career Education in southern New England, New England Tech is committed to providing hands-on technological programs that prepare graduates for positions of leadership in the technical, industrial, business, and allied health communities. We offer a small college environment, quality programs, and flexible day, evening, or Saturday classes. For amputees, techniques involve learning how to use assistive devices that restore limited mobility. Part of the plan also includes teaching the family of the patient how to help while in recovery. This fine tunes their skills and gives them the additional experience and on-the-job training for them to perform on their own.
They do this by either taking a state licensing examination or the National Physical Therapy Examination. To ensure the best web experience, please upgrade to the latest standard browser for your computer.
Their main purpose is to restore ambulatory function in those who have lost it because of some injury or illness.

Other situations include amputations, fractures, torn ligaments, stroke, cerebral palsy, and the list continues. There are many situations and plans will usually be designed for the individual’s unique circumstances. There are some who complete a master’s degree program known as the Master of Physical Therapy (MPT). Gaining relevant experience allows physical therapists to achieve board certification in different specialties such as sports medicine by passing an exam for the specialty.
The physical therapist must evaluate the patient’s condition and then make a plan for how to relieve the patient of pain and restore mobility as much as possible.
Physical therapists are also involved in home health services traveling to a disabled patient’s location. All require that you have a bachelor’s degree and certain prerequisite courses such as anatomy, biology, and chemistry.

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