Chevron is an American multinational energy corporation headquartered in San Ramon, California, United States.
In an announcement made last week, Brown University announced it will join 35 other US colleges that cover gender-reassignment surgery in their student health plan starting in August.
Brown’s decision is an indicator of how transgender students are gaining more visibility on campus. The Transgender Law and Policy Institute has compiled a list of US colleges and universities that cover the medical expenses of transition for transgender students under their student health insurance policies. The Feminist Newswire has provided a daily feminist perspective on national, global, and campus news stories since 1995. Canadians have noticed that the country’s new plastic currency seems to smell like maple syrup, according to The Canadian Press. Residents of the country to the north apparently began contacting the Bank of Canada shortly after the new notes were introduced in November 2011, asking if the currency had a secret scratch-and-sniff patch.

Under the Access to Information Act, the news organization procured correspondence between citizens and the bank over a year-long period, revealing that many people were confused by the seemingly sweet-smelling money. But the scent is just a myth, according to bank official Jeremy Harrison, who told The Canadian Press that the bank was not adding any scent to the bills. The bills have had other problems as well, such as reports that they melt together in high heat — like being left in a car in the sun — a claim the bank says has been proven false following rigorous testing. The new health insurance plans covers “14 different sexual reassignment surgery procedures” reports the Brown Daily Herald.
According to the New York Times, six years ago no university or college in the United States offered gender reassignment surgery or hormonal therapy through their health insurance plans.
This list  includes some of the top ranked schools in America such as Harvard, Stanford, and the University of California system. Some residents even complained that the maple scent had worn off their bills and suggested the bank make it stronger.

The new currency also features a stylized maple leaf that looks like the foliage from a Norway Maple, an species considered invasive in Canada. This listing includes the 36 colleges that cover both hormones and gender-reassignment surgery, an additional 25 colleges that only cover hormones, and a single university that covers just gender-reassignment surgery. For the past five years (through 2012) Chevron has been ranked as America’s third largest corporation in the Fortune 500 In 2011 it was named the 16th largest public company in the world by Forbes Global 2000.

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