When looking at a not so distant future, we have a few certainties: sea level will raise and global warming will affect climate. On Thursday 16 October there begins a series of lectures and recitals on the subject Shakespeare and Music.This is the Kingston Shakespeare Seminar for Autumn 2014, promoted by Kingston University On six Thursdays, late in the afternoon, this series of events will take place at the Rose Theatre in Kingston-upon-Thames or at the University itself. The final three take place on 20 November, 27 November and 11 December, and you’ll find full details on the Cardiff Shakespeare blog here. For those with an interest in Shakespeare, the unmissable event is the concert on Tuesday 21 October at 7.30pm at the Guild Chapel, under the name Marvellous Sweet Music.
Opera stars Mary Bevan and Benedict Nelson will join musicians from the RSC to perform twenty-one of the most famous songs in Shakespeare’s plays from over a century of productions. In this concert by the Royal Shakespeare Company, twenty-one of the most famous songs in Shakespeare’s plays are performed in settings dating back over a century, which highlight not only the changing style and aesthetic of theatre music across the decades, but also reveal some of the fascinating biographical stories of the composers themselves. Those composers form a select and diverse group, including some of the great names of classical and popular music of the 20th Century such as Ralph Vaughan Williams, Billy Bragg, Lennox Berkeley, Roberto Gerhard, Stephen Warbeck, Ian Dury, Nigel Hess, Laura Marling and Paul Englishby. And finally, one for the diary: in December there will be a small exhibition on Shakespeare and Music at the Shakespeare Institute Library in Stratford-upon-Avon, which is sure to be worth a look. This entry was posted in Legacy and tagged Kingston University, Marvellous sweet music, music, Royal Shakespeare Company, Shakespeare and Music, Shakespeare Institute, Stratford Music Festival, The Rose Kingston. Cool quote from Wikipedia: My daughter comes home and she says, “You know what the problem is, dad?

It always makes me a little nervous to see people carry their pet constrictor draped around their neck. I used to live with a snake owner and spent time at the local exotic pets shop asking questions. At the precise moment I am reading your blog post and looking at the pic of Alice, who should appear on my television but dear Alice (nee Vince) himself. Well, I guess it is one way of keeping at least some of the men at a distance (honestly though, I would definitely try to get into a talk with her – anyone who carries their snake around like that gotta be at least somewhat interesting). BTW, please stop posting pictures of people wearing shorts and short-sleeves in the middle of winter.
Many many years ago, Rosey was kicked out of high school English class for wearing a similar snake drape (brother’s ball python).
In which Andrew Wakefield and Del Bigtree’s antivaccine documentary VAXXED is reviewed…with Insolence! At the time of writing the full details don’t seem to have made it to the Kingston University website.
I ran into him at an Arizona Diamonback’s game a few years ago and he was wearing a pink Izod golf shirt. What if we consider to build a new edge, a linear city emerging from the water around Venice: a new frame, and a new perspective toward Venice to preserve and enjoy the historical city.

Katy Hamilton with Michale L Roberts, Katie Coventry, Caitlin Frizzel, Julien Van Mellaerts and Paul McKenzie, piano (Royal College of Music). Indeed, during the 1970’s, at the height of his popularity, I seem to recall his being quoted as wanting to play golf with Bing Crosby. A state medical board appears poised to actNarad on Now that’s what I’m talking about! It is a long waterfront stretching in front of Venice: and if the weather is warmer, why not thinking of it as the Italian Copacapana, a long beach submerged by tropical vegetation. A vision of a vision: the old Venice overlooking over the bay of Ipanema; from the new town beaches and houses will have the glorious backdrop of an unseen Venice! A state medical board appears poised to actrs on Now that’s what I’m talking about! A state medical board appears poised to actDangerous Bacon on Now that’s what I’m talking about!
A state medical board appears poised to actLeslie McDonald on Now that’s what I’m talking about!

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