Gender equality: not the usual topic you might find on a blog like this, but it’s something I’ve been writing a lot about in the last year. I’ve written at length about casual sexism in other articles, but the gist of it is that our decisions — both male and female — are informed by a very subtle gender bias that comes from the society we were raised in. I’ve been thinking of this a lot as I prepare for the panel at NAB, and I realized that Bling Atlanta is a major exception to the 21%. If your organization is heavily male-dominated with very few female applicants, you should consider why the hiring pool is lacking diversity. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising.
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In fact, I’ll be speaking about the topic at the NAB Show in Las Vegas at a panel I organized in partnership with Adobe — it turns out people aren’t just listening, they want to get hands on with this problem. The basic premise is this: higher education programs for post production are, on average, 50-50 male and female. But clearly that isn’t the case because the number of interested women to number of women actually working is cut in less than half. The average percent of female editors in Hollywood film and television and independent film?
But I think this all comes down to one thing: a gender bias that is very difficult to detect. The point is to unlearn this casual sexism and think a little harder about how your bias might be making your decisions for you.

Is there something about your job description or the reputation of your company that is turning women away? Not anything specific, except a work environment that is obviously committed to being supportive and inclusive for everyone.
If you can work out why your application pool is male-dominated, you can consider more women applicants.
Your instinct is “no, obviously not” but research shows a bias occurs against women and minorities.

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