A number of the most famous offers include the Emergency Nurses Association (ENA) Chances Scholarship program with the Children’s Healthcare of Atlanta and Foundation Undergraduate Scholarship.
You can also utilize Nursing scholarships and grants for single mothers on the internet for information on the location of specific grants.
Warning: You need to beware of people who target women looking for means of funding their education. If you are a single mother who wants to go back to the school of nursing, you have numerous options for financing your nursing education.
Soroptimist International: Soroptimist offer a Women’s Opportunity Award to women provides Nursing School Grants for Single Mothers for the financial needs of the family on their own. Currently, too many communities in the United States are suffering from critical shortages of certified professional nursing personnel. In addition to existing federal programs, many state governments have developed their own grants and scholarships designed to encourage and support both undergraduate and graduate level nursing students.
Students interested in pursuing a career in nursing will want to refer to our section on Grants for Nursing Students. Universities, technical schools and community colleges typically offer undergraduate nursing programs that include courses for Licensed Practical Nurses (LPN) and Certified Nursing Assistants (CNA).
There are also a large number of nursing scholarships that have been designed to benefit specific portions of the student population, such as minorities and returning students. Those wishing to learn more about the availability of scholarships for undergraduate nursing students will find more extensive information in our dedicated section on Nursing Scholarships for Undergraduates.
When the federal government began to earmark funds for the support of national nursing programs, one of the major goals was to increase the availability and expertise of nursing faculty at the the nations universities and colleges. Graduate level nursing students will find a large number of Federal scholarships, as well as many state-based scholarship-for-service programs. The following examples of graduate level nursing scholarships will give students an idea of the various programs that may be available to them. The American Association of Critical Care Nurses sponsors the Continuing Professional Development Scholarship .
The March of Dimes offers an annual scholarship for registered nurses enrolled in graduate level programs in prenatal and perinatal nursing. The American Assembly for Men in Nursing or AAMN had the goal of offering nursing scholarships for men. The organization keeps a record of the present concerns within the field like the shortage of nursing educators and the future of emergency nursing. There are a number of nursing scholarships and grants that pay special attention to minorities; especially males.
But if you are a single mother who wants to go back to the school of nursing, you have numerous options for financing your nursing education.
A number of them are federally funded while others come as grants from the non-profit organizations.

A lot of the scholarships need attendance at any National League for Nursing or NLN accredited school. Private scholarships can be offered by organizations such as the Association of Nontraditional Students in Higher Education Scholarships, Jeannette Rankin Foundation, and other organizations that provide financial aid for the education of minorities and victim of abuse. A number of organizations like “Raise the Nation” have lost their accreditation and some are just scams. You need to revalidate your identity, your financial information, ages of your children, and job or education history to easily and quickly label the applications. The applicant should be at least 17 years old or older with children at a minor age and pursing ESL, GED, first bachelor’s or post-graduate degree. Applicants should be in dire financial need and must be enrolled or accepted in a vocational school or 4 year institution, residing in one of the territories or countries of Soroptimist International and have not previously obtained a similar scholarship. Doctor’s offices, clinics and hospitals all depend on a qualified nursing staff in order to adequately serve the public.
Department of Health and Human Services committed a sizable amount of federal grant money to select colleges and universities across the country.
The availability of financial aid for nursing students does not end with federal and state governments, however, and extends into the private sector with a multitude of grants and scholarships being supported by colleges, universities and professional organizations. These 2 to 4 year courses are designed to train a front-line nursing workforce that is prepared to fill the immediate needs of the healthcare industry. Many available nursing scholarships, particularly those supported by federal and state governments, will be scholarship-for-service programs.
Applicants must be student members of the ENA for a minimum of 12 months in order to be eligible for any awards.
Department of Health and Human Services Nursing Scholarship Program – Sponsored by the federal government, this program provides scholarship-for-service opportunities for nursing students at all levels of their education. Beyond the shortage of qualified nurses in the field, lies an equal shortage of teaching professionasl to train the next generation of nursing students.
Graduate level scholarships are also available from the private sector, including colleges, universities and professional associations. Awards are $5000 per academic year, and applicants must be a member of Association of Women’s Health , the American College of Nurse-Midwives or the National Association of Neonatal Nurses.
The awards range from $1000 to $3500 per academic year, and are restricted to graduate level nursing students. But the opposite is the case when it comes to the nursing field; it is the women who dominate. AAMN has online forums which opens up communication among its members and give them the opportunity to address their concerns.
Several organizations and institutions are making sure that the needs of male nursing students are met just as well as the females.
While gender is not an obvious issue, the experts consider the shortage of male nurses as one of its major concerns.

An amount of $1,000 will be awarded to qualified applicants along with a membership of AAMN. The financial aid professional should be capable of providing you with a directory in your State.
Be sure to verify the validity of any grants for nursing school by making a phone call or looking at their website on the internet. Efforts to expand the pool of qualified nurses across the country are being made by both federal and state governments, as well as colleges, universities and professional associations.
These programs require scholarship recipients to commit to a predetermined time of service in an under-served community, or at a designated critical need facility. Applicants must commit to a minimum of 2 years service at a designated Critical Shortage Facility following graduation. Subsequently many scholarship programs are dedicated to graduate level students who are pursuing degrees that will put them at the forefront of both practical nursing, and the education of new nurses. As with undergraduate nursing scholarships, many of these programs target minorities, women, and returning students.
As a male nurse, you may be wondering as to whether men get nursing grants and scholarships while pursuing the career. AAMN scholarships provide men enrolled in an RN program or graduate nursing program special scholarships along with the financial support provided by Johnson and Johnson. It is for this reason why scholarship programs like ENA offer new nurses, including male nurses over the board with financial incentives and support. Extracurricular activities and references from the faculty or any legitimate authority are an important factor in the selection of recipients. There should be no lack of financial support as far as grants and scholarships for nursing are concerned. Nursing students are encouraged to investigate the possibility of obtaining a grant for college before considering any alternative or private loans. Additional scholarship opportunities are available for students who choose to specialize in particular fields of nursing such as Critical Care, Gerontology and Oncology.
There are a number of them which are exclusively awarded to men who seemed to make up the minority within the field.
Grants can help to defray a sizable portion of your education costs, and the funds never have to be repaid.

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