Getting an article published in a nursing journal may seem daunting to novice writers, but the rewards far outweigh the challenges. Most nursing journal articles are written by nurse educators required to conduct and publish research.
During her six years as a nurse manager, nurse recruitment and retention captivated novice writer Kristina Ibitayo, MSN, RN. You can overcome writer’s block as well as warm up your writing skills by penning a few smaller pieces, like short columns or book reviews. Before submitting your article, always have a trusted friend or colleague critique it, says Jeanette Daly, PhD, RN, a geriatric nurse researcher in the Department of Family Medicine at the University of Iowa.
Each nursing publication has its own purpose and audience, so make sure your desired topic lines up with the journal you’re targeting. If you don’t hear anything a few months after submitting your manuscript, call the publication, Poster advises.

Nursing education is very popular in the country as nurses with all levels of expertise are in great demand.
RN editors and authors offer these pointers to help aspiring authors convert good ideas into published work. However, staff nurses, nurse managers and nurse administrators have ample opportunity to write about their cases or workplace innovations. When you’re ready to tackle a longer journal article, pay attention to organization, Poster says.
Some prefer that you first pitch your idea via query letter, but you can just send several copies of your manuscript to others. You may be asked to revise or even rewrite it, tackling issues as small as consistency in terminology or as large as incorporating more references or additional statistics.
Nurse practitioners, midwives, home care nurses, managers as well as administrators are required in all hospitals and hence there are training institutions for all of them.

Paying close attention to issues like headings and subheadings will help you structure your article to the journal’s style.
The process of initial submission to publication may take as long as three years and several rounds of revisions, Poster says, since both the author and the nurse reviewers who recommend changes have other full-time jobs.
As US has a varied population comprising of people of different ethnicity, a good training in nursing career will prepare you to provide culturally sensitive care.
You can expect to learn comprehensive assessment skills, skills for labs and for home care of patients. You will also be exposed to a large knowledge base with the help of a library and internet.

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