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Our cover feature this month focuses on a major HR challenge: the growing shortage of talent in the United States due to the dramatic slowdown in the growth of the working-age population. John Burkholder, a long-time friend of TBA, wrote our feature on health care costs – another major HR challenge for bankers. The goal of Pre K-12 physical education is to help students become responsible citizens who are both physically educated and health literate.
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Tamara Erickson, an award-winning author and widely respected expert on organizations and the changing workforce, wrote our lead feature. With health care costs spiraling out of control, John offers advice bankers can use to stabilize or lower their premiums by giving employees more responsibility and control of their own health care costs. He discusses what works and doesn’t work in professional training and explains the differences between employees who play to win and those who play not to lose. Make plans to attend our HR & Training Conference in August for an informative and comprehensive program presented by nationally respected speakers. Professional Development Advisor Chris King, who dreamed up and executed the Huddles concept, reported back that there were great exchanges at all locations and many resources were shared.

She does a great job explaining the generational differences in today’s workforce and how to motivate and engage employees of all ages.

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