Aedile - An Aedile was a city official who was responsible for the maintenance of public buildings as well as public festivals.
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Elected officials were called magistrates and there were different levels and titles of magistrates. This was how the common people, plebeians, could elect their own leaders, magistrates, pass laws, and hold court. Many politicians who wanted to be elected to a higher office, like consul, would become aedile so they could hold big public festivals and gain popularity with the people.

They also had some responsibilities to maintain public morality and to look after public finances. The constitution was more of a set of guidelines and principals that were passed down from generation to generation.
It was a complex government with a constitution, detailed laws, and elected officials such as senators. In order to keep the consul from becoming a king or dictator, there were always two consuls elected and they only served for one year. The governor would be in charge of the local Roman army and would also be responsible to collect taxes.

Many of the ideas and structures of this government became the basis for modern democracies. This may sound unfair, but it was a big change from other civilizations where the average person had no say at all. In Rome, the regular people could band together and have considerable power through the Assembly and their Tribunes.

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