Moms may face physical pain, emotional distress, regret, relief, fear, or any number of other challenges.
Who Are We We at PWRC want to provide the best care possible for injured, sick and orphaned wildlife in Manitoba.
I want to share my personal examples of mental health discrimination because many teens may not want to share with their parents or guardian (or any adult for that matter) what people are saying to them or about them. There were 5 experiences of mental health discrimination that occurred when I was a teen that still affect me as a young adult. Despite being a successful social worker due to my lived mental health experience I constantly find myself questioning whether or not I am doing the right thing. This is mental health discrimination because I was being told what I could and could not do as a profession due to my mental health issue. This is mental health discrimination because I am being encouraged to hide and be ashamed of my mental health issue when seeking and maintaining employment.
This is mental health discrimination because my pain is not being taken seriously and am being denied access to loving support.
This is mental health discrimination because I am being belittled for the results of a coping technique.

Whether youa€™re trying to avoid a cesarean, plan a family centered cesarean, preparing for a VBAC, or just learning about your birth options a€“ ICAN is here for you! Many parents are surprised to find out how stressful planning another pregnancy can also be! With cesarean rates at all time highs a€“ we as women must now assume more responsibility for our own births. When I was a teen and experiencing deep depression I always maintained that I had the right to be sick or the right to be me. Parents may not realize that what they or their children are doing could help keep mental health discrimination going within our society. Within social work lived experience is highly valued, for example, a woman would be hired at a women’s shelter or a black man would be hired to work with young black youth. This statement made me emotionally worse and caused people to abandon me when I needed them most. Unfortunately, when it comes to mental health social work has been slow at recognizing the value of lived experience due to the stigma and discrimination towards people with mental health issues. I didn’t fit the mold that my fellow peers had created for me and because of that I now know that I experienced mental health discrimination.

This does not help me feel confident in myself as a young professional with mental health issues. I am open with my employers about my mental health but since I work with children I am constantly afraid that if I do anything wrong I will be fired and believed not to be safe for the children. I take pride in every success because it helps prove that what everyone said about me is wrong. This has caused me to belittle my experiences which is keeping me from moving forward because I cannot face the trauma.
It is up to you as parents, caregivers, trusted adult, friend, coach, whatever your role, to help stop the mental health discrimination experienced by those living with mental health issues.

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