Ntandoyenkosi Kunene was crowned Miss South Africa at a glitzy ceremony held at Carnival City in Johannesburg on Saturday night. The examination found Winehouse's vital organs had been in good health but she had huge amounts of alcohol in her system which could have stopped her breathing and sent her into a coma. Modern slavery is the great human rights issue of our time, Theresa May says as she pledges to put Britain at the forefront of defeating the "evil".
The 27-year-old woman was fired from her job after explicit text messages and nude photos were found on the phone of her 14-year-old student.

She was arrested and charged with rape aggravated by age difference and enticement of a child under age 16. The legal drink-drive limit is 80mg.The pathologist who conducted her post-mortem examination said 350mg of alcohol per 100ml of blood was considered a fatal level. She had very strict views."After the inquest, Winehouse's family issued a statement thanking people for their messages of support. Miss SA 2016, Ntandoyenkosi (Ntando) Kunene, has graduated with an Honours degree in Curriculum Issues.

23-year-old Ntando was radiant as the exquisite tiara was placed on her head, signalling the start of her reign as Miss South Africa.
Taking to Instagram in excitement, Kunene posted a pic of herself in her graduation gown on Instagram, quoting the late Nelson Mandela.

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