Satya Nadella is an Indian engineer who has joined the league of technological wizards like Steve Jobs and Bill Gates by the virtue of his great work and dedication.
Childhood & Early LifeSatya is the son of Bukkapuram Nadella Yugandher, who was born on the 19th of August, 1967. CareerAfter completing his education, Nadella joined the well-known firm ‘Sun Microsystems’. Personal Life & LegacySatya got married to Anupama in 1992, who was the daughter of his father’s friend. SEPARATISTS CALL FOR BANDHImmediately after the news of Burhan's death spread, pro-Pakistan slogans were heard in Srinagar with people coming out on the roads and burning tyres. Nadella’s educational background undoubtedly played a great role in shaping his technical and leadership abilities.
His father was a government officer, working for the ‘Indian Administrative Service’.Something Wrong?
He worked in this company for a brief period and then moved to the Silicon-valley giant ‘Microsoft’, in 1992.Something Wrong? After pursuing a degree in ‘Electrical Engineering’ from the reputed ‘Manipal Institute of Technology’ located in India, this tech wizard relocated to the United States. The family currently resides in the Bellevue county region, Washington D.C.Something Wrong? Here, he studied at esteemed institutions like the ‘University of Wisconsin’ and the ‘Booth School of Business’.
Tell Us About It.He pursued his primary education at the ‘Hyderabad Public School’, located in the Begumpet region of the city. Tell Us About It.Nadella started climbing the corporate ladder steadily while working at ‘Microsoft’. Tell Us About It.He was widely criticized online, when his remark on hike of salaries for female employees came across as biased against women, at the ‘Grace Hopper Celebration of Women in Computing’ event.Something Wrong? Slowly but steadily he grabbed bigger opportunities at the enterprise and went on to manage several divisions of the company.
One of Satya’s path-breaking accomplishments within the firm was to pave the way for the cloud computing technology, which later went on to become a trendsetter.

Tell Us About It.He was one of the few employees who suggested the concept of cloud computing to the firm. Tell Us About It.When he is not caught with his business commitments, Nadella likes to unwind by reading poetry.
Nadella even became an important stakeholder in the firm and owned stocks worth millions of dollars and earned a handsome salary, much higher than many engineers of his kind.
Eventually the company dedicated lot of its time and resources to the development of this technology. He is also really fond of cricket and attributes the sport as one of the reasons behind his leadership abilities.Something Wrong? The result was the germination of one of the world’s largest cloud based entities, named ‘Microsoft Azure’.Something Wrong? Tell Us About It.Satya was later given the responsibility to control the ‘Research & Development’ department, which belonged to the ‘Online Service Division’ and was even appointed as the senior vice-president of the same.
PUBLISHNet WorthIf an online source is to be believed, Nadella’s wealth is estimated to be around $67 Million, as of 2015.Something Wrong?
He joined this department in 2007 and continued being a part of it for the next four years.Something Wrong? You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins. Tell Us About It.Nadella then moved to the Systems and Tools division of Microsoft and was even appointed its president. PUBLISHTop 10 Facts You Did Not Know About Satya NadellaSatya Nadella is a huge cricket fan and derives inspiration from the sport.Something Wrong? The annual turnover of Microsoft contributed by this segment of business alone is said to be around $20 Billion today.Something Wrong? Tell Us About It.He calls himself a lifelong learner and takes online classes in his spare time.Something Wrong?
The model and actor emerged victorious after battling it out with 46 contestants at the Grand Finale held in Southport, UK on July 19, 2016.Khandelwal, who has previously starred in Hindi Television shows like Pyar Tune Kya Kiya , MTV Big F and Yeh Hai Aashiqui, believes it was the blessings and love of his fans that led to his victory. Also Read: My gender doesn't stop me from being a strong, dedicated US Army officer, says the newly-crowned Miss USA"I feel so privileged and humbled to be Mr World 2016.

Tell Us About It.The Microsoft CEO loves reading poetry in his leisure time and compares poetry with coding.Something Wrong? I would like to thank all my fans and all the people who have been giving me all their blessings. Tell Us About It.As the CEO of Microsoft, he is one of the most powerful Indian-born tech executives in the world.Something Wrong?
It has been an amazing journey to this point, and I cannot wait to see what happens next," the official Mr World site quotes him as saying. Tell Us About It.After working in the firm for a period of twenty two years, Nadella was promoted to the designation of the CEO of ‘Microsoft’ in 2014.Something Wrong? Tell Us About It.He didn’t have any experience of being the CEO before being selected to head Microsoft in this role.Something Wrong? Tell Us About It.He is a huge fan of Seahawks, a professional American football team based in Seattle.Something Wrong?
The annual turnover contributed by this division of the business was $16.6 Billion in 2011, when he was just appointed its head.
In a matter of three years, the turnover saw a significant increase to around $20.6 Billion.Something Wrong?
Tell Us About It.When Nadella took on the role of CEO of Microsoft, Bill Gates re-joined the company to become his personal mentor.Something Wrong?
Tell Us About It.He first met his wife when they were both students at Hyderabad Public School in the early 1980s.Something Wrong?
Tell Us About It.He is a fitness enthusiast and is very passionate about running.Something Wrong?

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