Remind your students that Stowe said she ignored slavery because it was too painful to think about and she thought it would go away by itself.
Have the students present their headlines to the class and demonstrate how these issues compare to slavery. Women in the nineteenth century could not vote, so why did Stowe make a point of addressing mothers? Have the students read the following scene aloud with one student as Eliza, one student as Mr. Narrator: So spoke this poor, heathenish Kentuckian, who had not been instructed in his constitutional relations, and consequently was betrayed into acting in a sort of Christianized manner, which, if he had been better situated and more enlightened, he would not have been left to do. How do you think white Southerners felt when they read of Simon Legree's cruelty in Uncle Tom's Cabin? Watch the clip from the musical, The King and I, in which the King of Siam's wives and children act out the scene of Eliza and Harry crossing the Ohio River. Return to the objectives of this lesson and make sure that they have been met by each of your students.
Please note that Commonwealth Avenue will be closed beginning at 8AM until possibly noon for a race. Public transportation is also an option, but because of the closure of Commonwealth Avenue and much of the roads surrounding the public garden, access to First Lutheran will be difficult from the Orange Line and Green Line after 8AM. First Lutheran Church of BostonWe are a member congregation of the Lutheran Church - Missouri Synod in the New England District. Newton's Cradle with SolidWorks Motion You are using an outdated browser. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. Clipping is a handy way to collect and organize the most important slides from a presentation. In this post I argue that you need to think about what kinds of goals could best be achieved in an online course, rather than just doing the same as in a classroom course..
In many cases, it will be appropriate (indeed, essential) to keep the same teaching goals for an online course as in a similar face-to-face course. However, it is really important before moving your face-to-face course online to do the kind of analysis recommended in Steps 1 and 2. However, in nursing, dentistry, medicine, science, engineering, and computer hardware design, and some aspects of education (such as teaching practice) it will very much depend on the type of course, and in particular the need for hands-on practical work.
In some cases, some goals in the campus-based class may be sacrificed for different but equally valuable goals that can be achieved better online. Lastly, it is important to remember that although it may be possible to achieve the same goals online as in class, the design of the teaching will likely have to be different in the online environment. Although learning goals often transfer well from face-to-face to online, it is worth thinking about what kind of learning goals or outcomes are particularly well suited to online learning and building these into your online course, even if they are not currently in your face-to-face course. However, as with all learning goals, the teaching needs to be designed in such a way that students have opportunities to learn and practice such skills, and in particular, such skills need to be evaluated as part of the formal assessment process. What this means in terms of online learning design is using the Internet increasingly as a major resource for learning, giving students more responsibility for finding and evaluating information themselves, and instructors providing criteria and guidelines for finding, evaluating, analysing and applying information within a specific knowledge domain. The ability to learn on one’s own or increasingly as part of informal, professionally related groups is increasingly in demand. In whatever subject area, students increasingly need to know how to use IT tools that are specific to their subject area. Lastly, one great characteristic of teaching online is the opportunity to bring in the world to your teaching. There are many other possible goals that are either impossible to meet without using the Internet, or would be very difficult to do in a purely classroom environment.
However, it is pointless to introduce new learning goals or outcomes then not assess how well students have achieved those goals. And even more importantly, it is necessary to communicate very clearly to students these new learning goals and how they will be assessed. I tend to agree with your statement that OL is better suited to 21st Century Learning and as a F2F teacher I am constantly trying to figure out how best to give my students that same type of experience within our ‘brick and mortar” environment. Return to top of page This work is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-ShareAlike 4.0 International License.

To understand public attitudes towards African Americans and towards slavery at the time of Uncle Tom's Cabin.2. Students will be able to read a historical novel or excerpt and answer 4 related questions with 80% accuracy.2. Harriet Beecher Stowe wrote the novel in response to the Fugitive Slave Act of 1850, which required the citizens in Northern states to return escaped slaves to the South. But, since the legislative act of 1850, when she heard, with perfect surprise and consternation, Christian and humane people actually recommending the remanding escaped fugitives into slavery, as a duty binding on good citizens,--when she heard, on all hands, from kind, compassionate and estimable people, in the free states of the North, deliberations and discussions as to what Christian duty could be on this head,--she could only think, These men and Christians cannot know what slavery is; if they did, such a question could never be open for discussion.
What was she trying to accomplish?Why did she choose to write a novel instead of publishing newspaper articles, making speeches, or performing some other action?The legislative act of 1850 was also called "the Fugitive Slave Act".  From this paragraph, what do you think "the Fugitive Slave Act" did? Discuss why this scene appears in the musical and what meaning the play might have had to the king's wives. As with similar events, access to First Lutheran will be reduced, but not impossible, and street parking will be limited. One possible route from Mass Ave is to follow Marlborough St, take a right on Clarendon Street and an immediate left into the public alley (technically a one way alley), crossing Berkeley Street to First Lutheran’s parking lot. The nine steps are aimed mainly at instructors who are new to online learning, or have tried online learning without much help or success.
I too took the bus to work at UBC when I was Director of Distance Education – when I could get on it.
Even some of these goals can be achieved online, but it may be too difficult or expensive for it to be practical. It’s not possible these days to cover all the knowledge a student will need in a particular subject domain within a four year undergraduate program or even after another four years graduate study in a subject such as medicine.
Examples may be Excel spreadsheets in accounting, geographical information systems in mining engineering or even real estate, simulations and computer aided design in engineering, etc. You can direct students to online sites, students themselves can collect data or provide real world examples of concepts or issues covered in the course, through the use of cameras in mobile phones, or audio interviews of local experts. The art of the instructor is to decide which are relevant, and which in particular are key learning goals for the course. This may come as a shock to many students who are used to being fed content then tested on their memory of it. I have been involved with inquiry based learning in the ‘brick and mortar’ school and I am now transitioning over to the ‘distance learning’ side of things and trying to include as many 21st century skills as possible. I am almost tempted to set up some ‘homework’ time where we spend some time during the evenings on a program such as Blackboard Elluminate. To understand how abolitionist Harriet Beecher Stowe used Uncle Tom's Cabin to sway public opinion.3.
Uncle Tom's Cabin was not the first antislavery novel, but it was by far the most successful.
After a long journey, Eliza finally managed to cross the Ohio River by leaping across the floating blocks of ice.
The learning goals will transfer easily. There will usually be an alternative way to reach the same goal online. In these cases, you may be looking to design more of a hybrid than a fully online course (see Step 2). Writing and speaking skills remain critical, but increasingly the ability to communicate through modern media such as social media, YouTube, blogs and wikis are particularly important in areas such as business, journalism, health and education. The ability to go on learning, either individually or through informal peer networks, is critical for knowledge-based organizations. These IT tools are often integrated or available over or through the Internet and can be embedded within the design of an online course. You can set up a course wiki that both you and the students contribute to, and make it open to other professors and students to contribute, depending on the topic.
If they are not to be assessed on 21st century skills, they won’t make the effort to develop them.
What we know and how we know it are affected by the medium through which we acquire knowledge. Have you thought about ‘flipping’ a class, so that the students do some of their reading and activities online (or otherwise) at home, then use the class time for discussion, peer review and dealing with misunderstandings?

To understand why the Fugitive Slave Act became one of the turning points in the relations between the North and the South that ultimately led to war. What expressions are on their faces?Ask the students if this illustration shows what a real slave auction was like. How does this narrative compare with Stowe's arguments against slavery in the book's conclusion? Usually the transcript of the exam grade makes no distinction as to whether the course was done online or face-to-face, since the students take the same end of course exam, and the actual content covered is usually identical in each version. For instance, online discussion forums, when properly designed and monitored, can achieve just as well if not better many of the learning goals of face-to-face class discussions. Online learning, by its nature, requires students to take increasing responsibility for managing their learning.
Thus a key learning goal may be for every student to leave the course competent in the selection and use of relevant digital tools. If you are teaching professional masters or diploma programs, the students themselves will have very relevant wold experiences that can be drawn into the program. The main challenge may not be in setting appropriate goals for online learning, but ensuring that you have the tools and means to assess whether students have achieved those goals. Why not allow students to revise and revisit assignments, if they are going to put in the extra work to make revisions, can we not make the allowance for them to better their assessment? And say, mothers of America, is this a thing to be defended, sympathized with, passed over in silence?
Ask them to pick one of the people in the illustration and write a paragraph about why he or she is at the auction sale, what his or her feelings are, and what it is like to be there. This is a great way to enable students to evaluate and apply knowledge within their subject domain. We can either fight the medium, and try to force old content into new bottles, or we can shape the content to the form of the medium. 34, No.2This ODLAA Publication is licensed CC-BY-NC-ND and is now available free of charge at ResearchGate.
Students will participate in a readers' theater from a historical novel and answer 3-5 related questions.
Do you say that the people of the free state have nothing to do with it, and can do nothing? Because the Internet is such a large force in our lives, we need to be sure that we are making the most of its potential in our teaching, even if that means changing somewhat what and how we teach. Do the worst you can, my troubles'll be over soon; but, if ye don't repent, yours won't never end!""Like a strange snatch of heavenly music, heard in the lull of a tempest, this burst of feeling made a moment's blank pause. A gradual introduction to online learning, initially in a classroom setting but building eventually to hybrid or fully online courses, is a good way to develop independent and inter-dependent learning skills. Legree stood aghast, and looked at Tom; and there was such a silence, that the tick of the old clock could be heard, measuring, with silent touch, the last moments of mercy and probation to that hardened heart. The people of the free states have defended, encouraged, and participated; and are more guilty for it, before God, than the South, in that they have not the apology of education or custom.
What brother-man and brother-Christian must suffer, cannot be told us, even in our secret chamber, it so harrows the soul! Symmes pointed to a large white house which stood by itself, off the main street of the village.Mr.
Symmes: "Shelby, now, mebbe won't think this yer the most neighborly thing in the world; but what's a feller to do? Somehow I never could see no kind o' critter a strivin' and pantin', and trying to clar theirselves, with the dogs arter 'em and go agin 'em.

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