The Jacksonville Area Chamber of Commerce is recognized statewide for its work in the promotion of Business Education Partnerships.
Through the Education Division’s Business Education Partnership program, the Chamber promotes business involvement and volunteerism in local schools.  It also encourages businesses and schools to work together to assure a positive educational environment. The nature and scope of each partnership is unique and tailored to meet the needs of both the business and the school.  Continued interaction of this kind will ensure the success for future business education partnerships to come.
News Desk Non-Profit News The Business Education Partnership Foundation (BEP) is participating in the Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee’s “The Big Payback” on May 6th. News Desk Featured, Local News Every year during the first full week of May, Goodwill agencies across the United States and Canada celebrate the power of work through local events and promotions. News Desk Non-Profit News Signature fundraising event formerly known as Red, White, and Blues.
News Desk Non-Profit News The Big Payback is a community-wide, online giving day hosted by The Community Foundation of Middle Tennessee on May 6, 2014.

News Desk Non-Profit News Drive aimed at providing students with tools and resources for success. News Desk Non-Profit News Did you know cancer is the leading cause of death by disease in children in the United States? The Education Business Partnership Kent (EBP Kent) provides individually designed services for schools, colleagues and employers across the county.
We arranged press visits, which resulted in the event being featured on ITV Meridian Tonight and a number of written regional publications. We have since been involved in other projects for EBP Kent which has seen us deliver workshops to students on PR and Marketing as well as publicising events and securing regional coverage. This site was designed to help foster communication between the residents of Murfreesboro, Tennessee.
The event saw 1,200 students connect with over 100 businesspeople, with a particular focus on the science and technology industries.

This involved writing pre-event press releases and social media posts to drum up some excitement for the event and publicise EBP Kent’s involvement. Students attended workshops and taster sessions and did everything from conducting experiments and trialling technology to taking part in problem-solving activities. Our team of writers collected stories from the day that would be written up into post-PR and a newsletter.

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