Career and business education has changed in recent years with many free opportunities now available. There are new types of free education from companies like Khan Academy and Coursera to name a couple. Northwestern University, Six Week Session, Begins on January 13, 2014: This professional Content Strategy is for people anywhere in an organization who have content development experience and now want to significantly improve their abilities to understand audiences and develop strategic words, pictures, graphics, and videos to convey their organization’s most important goals. Sign up for our monthly newsletter of the best-of-the-best tips of each month by clicking here! Branding & IdentityYour logo gives an important first impression, but it shouldn’t stop there. Graphic DesignOur creative solutions have doubled and tripled the business volume of many of our long-term graphic and web design clients.
Matt Lloyd, founder and creator of My Online Business Empire has made a HUGE announcement at the most recent Titanium Mastermind event held in the Bahamas. In his presentation, he stressed the common rise and fall of online businesses and how there is always a new flavor of the month. The maturity of the business has grown, and Matt is ready to make some changes that will keep MOBE around for the long-term. Matt Lloyd has changed the name of My Online Business Empire to My Online Business Education. His goal for the company is to be THE online resource for small business owners and entrepreneurs.

Although the make money online niche is a billion dollar niche, he wants to transition to the multi-billion dollar niche that is small business owners and entrepreneurs. The vision of My Online Business Education is to become an education platform (aka an E-Learning platform). More and more people are starting to take responsibility for their own education, and they are seeking out other avenues of traditional university. This is apparent because more and more universities are offering online courses and online degrees. There is massive growth happening here and My Online Business Education will be positioned as the go-to place for small business and entrepreneurship education. These products won’t just be from Matt Lloyd and MOBE, but products from other qualified professionals outside of MOBE. This opens the door for more commissions for MOBE affiliates by selling other people’s courses. All the commissions will be processed through the MOBE affiliate program and merchant account. You will have the ability to list and sell your own products on the MOBE marketplace where tens of thousands of MOBE affiliates can promote it. Just one little tip from a more experienced marketer can lead to the next breakthrough in your business. Starting next year there will be 1 live event held every 2 months at different locations near the United States and Australia.

For example, one full event will be dedicated to traffic, another for conversions, another for outsourcing, etc. Then other events will be dedicated to investing in the stock market, taxes, and other business related topics.
This transition is exciting and will add tremendous value to the small business and entrepreneurial marketplace. Start browsing our template library and here will be stored your history of viewed products.
Knowing what’s out there can help you build your career and business, especially when you need to enhance your training or that of your employees. What makes Coursera unique is range of classes available, from business to art, all taught by talented professors and instructors from prestigious schools, such as Stanford, Duke, and Princeton. Matt described MOBE as being a teenager entering into adulthood, and he wants to evolve MOBE for the next few decades. I am confident there will be several more free courses that you will find interesting and will help you further your mission.

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