For the first show in the city, hardcore superstar fans assembled outside cinema halls even before midnight to celebrate the release of the film.
In the opening weekend in the city, the film reportedly will have over 300 shows across theaters. On Thursday night, the film had its world premiere in Malaysia and Singapore, followed by Dubai and some parts of the US.
According to the film's US distributor CineGalaxy Inc, the film has already raked in over $1 million from its pre-sales from the premieres. Fethullah Gulen, the US-based cleric accused by Ankara of orchestrating the putsch in Turkey, has a wide following in his native country, where he enjoys support among the police and judiciary.
The reclusive Islamic preacher, who lives in a tiny town in the Pocono Mountains of the US state of Pensylvania, was immediately accused by Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan on Friday of being behind the coup attempt.
His movement, however, denied involvement, saying in a statement that it was committed to democracy and was opposed to any military intervention.
Gulen, 75, was once a close ally of Erdogan but the two fell out in recent years, as Erdogan became suspicious of the so-called Gulenist movement's powerful presence in Turkish society, including the media, police and judiciary.
The preacher moved to the United States in 1999, before he was charged with treason in his native country. He has since led a secluded life in Pennsylvania, declining interviews and rarely making public appearances. The power struggle between the two foes came to a head in late 2013 after judicial officials thought to be close to Gulen brought corruption charges that directly implicated some of Erdogan's inner circle, including his son Bilal. Erdogan launched a series of counterattacks, purging hundreds of army officers, including top generals, shutting down schools operated by Gulen's movement, Hizmet, and firing hundreds of police officers.
He has also gone after newspapers believed to be sympathetic to his rival, firing their editors or shutting them down. According to the Anatolia news agency, around 1,800 people, including 750 police officers and 80 soldiers, have been detained as part of a crackdown against Gulen followers in the last two years. Gulen's movement advocates a mix of Sufi mysticism and harmony among people based on the teachings of Islam. The price tag makes it the most affordable sedan in the country, undercutting the highly successful Proton Saga. Inside, the Bezza borrows its steering wheel and touchscreen infotainment system from the Axia but the dashboard design is new. The Perodua Bezza would be catering to the price sensitive Malaysian customers to whom foreign products like the Honda City and VW Vento are out of reach. Faculty at Georgetown's McDonough School of Business interested in gender dynamics in the workplace and interventions to promote women's leadership. When the world celebrates the summer Olympics in Rio next month, 4,700 female athletes -- or 45 percent of competitors -- are expected to participate. In the United States, the increase of female athletes often is attributed to Title IX of the 1972 Education Amendment.

Unfortunately, we are still underserving our female athletes, at least relative to their male counterparts.
Yet, even more pernicious, because for many people it is a lot less obvious, is the gender gap in our cultural images of boys and girls in sports. These images, almost 45 years after the passage of Title IX, remind us yet again that women and girls are too often viewed in narrow, specific, unhealthy ways. Lisa Thompson, a graduate of the McDonough School of Business and founder of IvyCitizens, an athleisure apparel brand dedicated to honoring women and girls in the commercial market, contributed to this column.
Interested in camping out under the stars, but not too keen on pitching a tent and sleeping on the ground? Thanks to one of the hottest trends in the eco-boutique segment of the hotel industry, newlyweds can now choose from a multitude of glamping opportunities all over the U.S.
Meanwhile, being situated in the picturesque Blackfoot Valley, newlyweds will enjoy premium access to world-class outdoor activities such as fly fishing, horseback riding, river rafting and hot air ballooning. Located on the site of a former ghost town in the San Juan Mountains of the Colorado Rockies, this property has seen new life as an acclaimed luxury resort. On top of booking refurbished cabin suites, newlyweds can also select luxury canvas tents via Dunton River Camp.
Nestled within lush groves of oak and sycamore trees, this 350-acre camping resort in Southern California offers unique nature accommodations via cedar cabins and luxury tents. Newlyweds sticking to the East Coast can now find a luxury camping experience in their neck of the woods. Couples can also expect a memorable stay with amenities like open flame fireside dining and farm-to-table cuisine.
Accessed only by seaplane or boat, this upscale eco-safari destination on Vancouver Island is hard to beat. Conveniently located about six miles from Teton Village, Fireside Resort merges the comforts of a luxury hotel room with familiar camping ambiance.
Located just minutes from both Arches and Canyonlands National Parks, Moab Under Canvas is a perfect retreat for couples seeking a bit of honeymoon adventure. When it comes to accommodations, glamping suites have private ensuite bathrooms, an entire bedroom wing inside the tent with a king size bed, a lounge area, and a wood burning stove with complimentary firewood. Based on the Axia hatchback’s platform, the Bezza aims to become the best selling sedan in Malaysia.
In terms of design, the Bezza is not an Axia with extruded rear fascia.The sedan adopts a fresh design which is characterized by a Celerio-like front grille, interesting headlamps that merge into the grille, understated sheet metal design, short rear overhang, and a simple rear fascia with a prominent chrome strip on the boot-lid.
The base motor is tuned to deliver 67 PS and 91 Nm of torque while the bigger mill has 94 PS and 121 Nm of torque.
The trajectory of female participation is impressive: from 13 percent in 1964 to 23 percent in 1984 to a whopping 44 percent in the last Olympic games. By age six, roughly half of all girls are on a sports team, and 40 percent of girls in grades six to eight claim that sports are a big part of their social identity.

Now imagine that your camping quarters featured a king bed with luxury linens, heated wood floors, deep soaking tub and expansive mountain views. Newlyweds can indulge in local organic cuisine inside a historic saloon, rejuvenating spa treatments, and an endless list of outdoor activities, including a myriad of hot springs. Featured tents at this separate resort area boast wraparound decks, gas stoves, classic soaking tubs and -- of course -- mile-high views. Standout safari tents come with willow beds, down-style duvets, western-inspired blankets, and casual furnishings.
Camp Orenda, set in the heart of Adirondack State Park, features spacious canvas cabins furnished with Adirondack (naturally) furniture, wood-burning stoves and comfy queen beds. Meanwhile, get ready for unforgettable days spent kayaking, fishing, and zip lining before returning to super cozy accommodations. On top of dozens of unique wilderness experiences (grizzly bear watching anyone?), the resort boasts out-of-this-world glamping thanks to giant white canvas tents furnished with wood stoves, oil lamps, and antique furniture. After a day hitting the slopes or exploring backwoods trails, couples can return to an ultra-comfortable king size bed, luxury linens and a romantic campfire complete with s'mores. Both locales are ultimate destinations for hiking, biking and rock climbing, among many other thrilling activities. These last few days have been crazy, with hardly any sleep," Sumanth, a third year Engineering student who watched the first show at Rakki cinemas, told IANS. They return from their games sweaty, proud, and fueled with strength only to be bombarded with images contradicting what they have experienced on the field, on the court, or at the pool. Below, we've highlighted seven upscale resorts that offer a most memorable -- and comfortable -- honeymoon getaway. In addition to its prime location along the banks of the scenic Blackfoot River, the suite comes with heated slate floors, a dining pavilion with fireplace and lounge, plus your very own camping butler.
The property is a popular pick among couples taking advantage of the region's many year-round outdoor pursuits, especially beach excursions, hiking trips and wine country outings. It is also said that the intro scene of Rajinikanth is crafted in such a way that it'll be a visual treat for the ardent fans, who are known welcoming their Thalaivar with wolf-whistles.Also, editor of the film Praveen KL was quoted by The News Minute as saying, "Superstar's intro in Kabali will be entirely different and there is a highlight. Rather than reinforcing the hard-won lessons of sports (how to work as a team, the value of hard work, the fun of competition, the beauty of strength), they see provocative images, with the implicit lesson that somehow girls in sports are supposed to be more sexy than strong. What works to empower, respect, honor, and celebrate female athletes is to capture, recognize, and acknowledge them for what they are: hardworking, strong, resilient, disciplined, fit, role models in their own right. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins.

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