A disturbing video circulating on social media appears to show Syrian rebels beheading a 12-year-old Palestinian boy (Abdullah Issa) who they accused of being a pro-government fighter.
In the video, the men accuse the captured boy of being a member of the Liwa al-Quds (Jerusalem brigade), a Palestinian armed group fighting alongside Syrian President Bashar al-Assad’s government. The Syrian Observatory for Human Rights said the boy was seized by rebels in Handarat, but that the killing took place in Mashhad.
Abdullah Issa was just a 12-year-old from a poor refugee family who lived in a rebel-held area of Aleppo & he was captured during the clashes at Handarat camp. With just a day left for the grand international release of the superstar Rajinikanth’s most-anticipated movie of the year, the makers of Kabali are struck by a shocking revelation that the opening scene of Rajinikanth in the film has been leaked online on Wednesday. Reportedly, the film had a special screening in the US on July 20, which was also attended by Rajinikanth.
Kabali starring Rajinikanth, Radhika Apte, and Hong Kong actor Winston Chao, releases worldwide on July 22 in Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, and Hindi. Sand artist Sudarsan Pattnaik creates a sand sculpture on the missing Indian Air force aircraft with message "Praying for the safety of lost Indian Air Force AN-32 " at Puri beach, Odisha. Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar today said he will monitor the search operations of the AN-32 aircraft that went missing with 29 people on board. The search for the AN-32 aircraft that has been missing over the Bay of Bengal with 29 on board was today on in full swing even as Defence Minister Manohar Parrikar reached Tambaram Air Force base in Chennai to monitor the massive search operation. The transport plane of the Indian Air Force (IAF) with 29 people on board, including four officers, took off at 0830 hours from Tambaram in Chennai to Port Blair. A massive search and rescue operation has been launched by IAF, Navy and Coast Guard, deploying one submarine, eight aircraft and 13 ships for tracking the upgraded plane. The 29 people on board the Air Force’s workhorse for a long period included six crew members, two of them pilots and one navigator. The athlete’s time was one-hundredth of a second faster than the record set by her Bulgarian predecessor, Yordanka Blagoeva, in 1988.
The San Diego police officers shot on July 28, 2016, are Johnathan DeGuzman and Wade Irwin. The future redevelopment of Teignmouth’s Carlton Theatre site is back under the spotlight at a series of community workshops. Teignbridge District Council has issued a call for residents and other groups looking for a place to meet to get involved with the design of a building fit for the 21st Century.
Teignbridge is keen to meet with anyone interested in the theatre’s future so they can hear all the ideas and aspirations.
Teignbridge is once more looking at the potential redevelopment of the Carlton site with the aim of creating a multi-use community facility.

In February, and as part of its budget setting process, Teignbridge set aside ?2.5 million from the capital programme over the next three years to provide a new building on the site, contributing to the wider regeneration of Teignmouth sea front. Feedback from the workshops will guide more specific information for other facilities required and how the building will function. At the same time Teignbridge is looking at additional funding opportunities to help add anything else that may be needed.
Teignmouth is a classic English seaside town, with a rich legacy and stunning natural setting. The Carlton site has an important part to play for the town’s economic and social well-being and has long needed updating. In March 2010 planning permission was granted replace the existing theatre building with flexible community centre comprising 200 seat multi-use auditorium, library, meeting and exhibition space, cafe, restaurant and bar. However, the funding was never reserved or found and no agreement was reached to relocate other services. A subsequent funding commitment was made in February this year for a community use building.
Cllr Stuart Barker, Teignbridge District Council’s Deputy Leader and Executive Spokesperson for Assets and Resources, said: “This is an opportunity for those interested and whose voices have not yet been heard to come and talk to us. The video, posted online on Tuesday, shows the boy being decapitated by bearded fighters in the trunk of a pickup car. It is reported that a video clip featuring Rajinikanth is already doing rounds on social media.
The leak comes despite the fact that the film producer Kalaipuli S Dhanu filed a petition at the Madras High Court to fight against piracy issues. Now that the introductory scene has been leaked online after the screening was held, one might ponder if someone present at the screening had allegedly leaked the scene.
The film directed by Pa Ranjith shows Rajini as a Malaysia-based mafia boss, who plays both the younger and older versions of the character.
Besides, there were 11 personnel from the IAF including an officer, two from the Army, one from the Coast Guard and 9 from the navy which included some from its armament depot. Harrison told BBC that after her loss at the Olympic trials that she was really upset and wanted to attend the London Anniversary Games so she could show what she could have done.
They may also assist in identifying how other areas of Teignmouth could be used to complement a new building. In order to meet any CCF application criteria, the project will have to show that it will add jobs and growth to the local community.
With its beaches, lively town centre, iconic pier and busy Den area – complete with recreational and play areas – it appeals to visitors and locals alike.

Against the backdrop of the continuing recession and a change in the administration at Teignbridge in May 2011, the potential and viability were reconsidered and a decision was made to seek a more realistic solution. This would help bring down the overall costs but at the same time provide a fit-for-purpose building that continued to focus on all sectors of the community; identifying employment, social and community opportunities.
The Carlton is a place that people love but it also needs a lot of investment to create a new building fit for modern day living. HC had restrained the license of 169 registered Internet Service Providers (ISPs) in India from permitting illegal downloads of Kabali on July 15.
The official Republican presidential candidate has gone under fire ever since he announced his bold and aggressive plan to secure the border by building a wall between the United States of America and Mexico. Harrison went on to say she had revenge on her mind and wanted to show the girls what she had, but she wishes the girls in Rio good luck.
Kristi Castlin, came in at 12.59 seconds, rounding out an American trio, 1-2-3 taking the wins. In an attempt to make a mockery of Trump's infamous border wall dream, a Los Angeles based artist who goes by the name Plastic Jesus, built a miniature wall around his Hollywood Walk of Fame star. The wall, complete with barbed wire and 'keep out' signs, appeared on Tuesday and flocks of tourists gathered to snap a picture of the clever 'political art'.
The anonymous artist posted the picture on Instagram and wrote, "Hollywood sight-seers on the famous walk of fame were confronted with an unusual addition to Trump's Famous Star. The unofficial addition to the iconic star appeared early Tuesday afternoon, to the amusement of onlookers.' Hollywood sight-seers on the famous walk of fame were confronted with an unusual addition to TrumpA?a‚¬a„?s Famous Star. The unofficial addtion to the iconic star appeared early Tuesday afternoon, to the amusement of onlookers. Plastic Jesus is not about revolution, he is not an anarchist but would like to see some changes around the place. You will receive an adblock detection screen on private window, even if you are not running any adblock plugins. Klavan is Liverpool manager Juergen Klopp's fifth signing of the close season, following the additions of goalkeeper Loris Karius, central defender Joel Matip, forward Sadio Mane and midfielder Marko Grujic.

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