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Antigen presentation stimulates T cells to become either "cytotoxic" CD8+ cells or "helper" CD4+ cells. A cytotoxic T cell (also known as TC, CTL, T-Killer cell or killer T cell) belongs to a sub-group of T lymphocytes (a type of white blood cell) which are capable of inducing the death of infected somatic or tumor cells; they kill cells that are infected with viruses (or other pathogens), or are otherwise damaged or dysfunctional. T cells with functionally stable TcRs express both the CD4 and CD8 co-receptors and are therefore termed "double-positive" (DP) T cells (CD4+CD8+).
Only those T cells that bind to the MHC-self-antigen complexes weakly are positively selected. With the exception of some cell types such as non-nucleated cells (including erythrocytes), Class I MHC is expressed by all host cells. The activation of cytotoxic T cells is dependent on several simultaneous interactions between molecules expressed on the surface of the T cell and molecules on the surface of the antigen presenting cell (APC).
There is a second interaction between the CD8 coreceptor and the class I MHC molecule to stablize this signal. Once activated, the TC cell undergoes clonal expansion with the help of a cytokine called Interleukin-2 (IL-2) that is a growth and differentiation factor for T cells.
If that rearrangement is successful, the cells then rearrange their alpha-chain TcR DNA to create a functional alpha-beta TcR complex.

When these cells are infected with a virus (or another intracellular pathogen), the cells degrade foreign proteins via antigen processing.
This increases the number of cells specific for the target antigen that can then travel throughout the body in search of antigen-positive somatic cells. These form pores in the target cell's plasma membrane causing ions and water to flow into the target cell that make the cell expand and eventually undergo lysis.
This highly-variable genetic rearrangement product in the TcR genes helps create millions of different T cells with different TcRs, helping the body's immune system respond to virtually any protein of an invader. These result in peptide fragments, some of which are presented by MHC Class I to the T cell antigen receptor (TcR) on CD8+ T cells. When a TC is activated it starts to express the surface protein FAS ligand (FasL), which can bind to Fas molecules expressed on the target cell. However, this Fas-Fas ligand interaction is thought to be more important to the disposal of unwanted T lymphocytes during their development or to the lytic activity of certain TH cells than it is to the cytolytic activity of TC effector cells. Enjoy high-quality teaching on courses designed in consultation with business and industry Its located 20 minutes north of London in a safe campus environment . We view the peculiar problems of Nigeria as an opportunity for each person to fill a void and with each of us taking our place; the inevitable great future of our country will be birthed by our future, which is now. Guardian & Counselling and Personal Tutors All students are allowed unfettered access to the counselors who guides and assists the students in making right career and life choices both relating directly with academics and beyond it.
INTERNSHIP The college in a bid to produce highly successful graduates has developed an internship module to develop career related skills and knowledge to further aid the understanding of disciplines.

International Foundation Programme Our College Facilities Programme Information Next Westerfield College, No7, Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji, Yaba, Lagos. The programme is a degree specific course, teaching key skills necessary to undertake and succeed on a university degree course. Westerfield College foundation programme is at the same level and content as those taught in the United Kingdom. See morePowerPoint Presentation: A globally recognized qualification taught over two sessions and academically intensive programme offering entry to virtually any courses at undergraduate level International Foundation Programme Our College Facilities Programme Information Westerfield College foundation programme is at the same level and contents as those taught in the United Kingdom.
The Foundation programme is an alternative to the traditional A' level but students enjoy the import benefit of opportunity of continuous assessment.
FLYING FACULTY Members of the university staff will make several visits to Nigeria and students will have opportunity of sharing classes with them during the academic year.
EndPowerPoint Presentation: Westerfield College LAGOS Westerfield College, 7 , Hughes Avenue, Alagomeji , Yaba , Lagos.

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