One of the various national varieties employed in everyday communication in the countries of the Arab league. The students do not have the opportunity to practise the language while shopping or conversing with people from the Arabic community, as these activities are typically conducted in one of the Arabic dialects, not in Modern Standard Arabic. The students wrote reports about the speaker based on the information they had compiled during the visit. Year 9 students were given two topics and were asked to prepare for a debate using Modern Standard Arabic.
Teachers are encouraged to accept whichever dialects the students feel comfortable in using, until the students feel ready to shift to MSA.
Teachers can develop their own lists according to which dialects are present in a particular student cohort.
There are three stages of comprehension: The first is literal comprehension, where students can find the information included in the comprehension text and copy it as the correct answer to the question. The second stage is interpretation, where students can understand the text, process the provided information, and provide the answers to questions. The third stage is application where students can answer questions about their opinion regarding issues discussed in the text and what they would do, think or act in similar situations. Students who have literacy problems undertake a program called Restart which covers all aspects of English (remedial English literacy). Sarah and Bilal (pseudonyms) are siblings who recently migrated to Australia with their family.
In 1952, India was the first country in the world to launch a mass media campaign to spread the concept of family planning in response to population growth. Efforts to promote family planning through print media, radio announcements, and television ads carefully designed for national audiences persist in most developing countries. The rule, which reportedly is more lax today, stipulates that urban couples should have only one child. Families that violate the rule where it is most strictly enforced face mandatory abortions and severe financial penalties, while single-child couples throughout the country are entitled to better child care, preferential housing assignments, and cash bonuses. The policy has generally worked, and fertility rates have fallen to an average of about two children per woman, down from more than five children per woman in the 1950s. National ad campaigns promoting "one child" link the policy to prosperity and good Communist citizenship. India's population has more than doubled since its family-planning policy went into effect in the 1950s, and current projections predict that India will overtake China's position as most populous nation by 2050.
The country's most recent approach to population issues focuses on the advancement of women economically, academically, and socially, as independent women are more likely to have small families.
Today, India's population policy focuses on a number of issues, including advocating child spacing, informing women and men about the range and availability of contraceptive methods, promoting small family size, and presenting sterilization in a more humane light. Kenya was the first country in sub-Saharan Africa to view runaway population growth as a serious impediment to economic prosperity, and it became the first, in the late 1960s, to begin developing a national family-planning campaign.
The country's official population policy calls for matching population size with available resources, yet leaves decisions on family size up to individual families.
Kenya's population ads target both men and women, and tend to frame the need for family planning around the self-evident realities of population growth such as overuse of land and scarcity of jobs. Test your understanding of the population trends and environmental challenges facing nations around the world. National corporate funding for NOVA is provided by Google and Cancer Treatment Centers of America. Student Wellness has coordinated many events for Sexual Assault Awareness & Prevention Month (SAAM).
The amount of reported sexual assault and misconduct on campus varies each year, but campus security has reported that “we realize that most men would never consider committing an assault or rape. According to Boyer, alcohol was a major factor in about 80 percent of the reported incidents; most often both the man and woman consumed alcohol to some extent.

The Student Wellness Center’s first SAAM event was The Clothesline Project (CLP), which was displayed in the Baugher Student Center (BSC). The Clothesline Project addresses the issue of violence against women by providing a vehicle for the women to express their emotions by decorating a T-shirt. The purpose of the project is to raise awareness of violence against women, men and children, to celebrate their strength to survive and to provide an opportunity to break the silence. The Clothesline Project is a program started in Cape Cod, Ma in 1990 to address the issue of violence against women.
The project can be seen hanging from the top floor of the BSC; it will be displayed until April 13.
The Etownian is Elizabethtown College's student newspaper, serving the community since 1904. About the EtownianThe Etownian is Elizabethtown College's student newspaper, serving the community since 1904. Recently, we've grown our community as we extend our commitment to reaching readers outside of the campus grounds. Before Trump takes the stage at tonight’s debate, I’ll be giving him a list of his most active supporters within our Party.
Since you’ve identified as a Trump supporter, I wanted to make sure you had the opportunity to make it on his list. Contribute $100, $75, $50, or even just $35 to identify yourself as one of Trump’s earliest supporters within our Party.
Trump could proudly see your name on his list of supporters before he gets up on that stage and fights for his platform in front of millions of Americans. If Trump is our nominee, I can guarantee you that millions of conservatives will claim they stood by him from the very beginning. Examples include Lebanese, Iraqi, Palestinian and Egyptian Arabic, which are the varieties most commonly spoken in Australia. As part of our project, students took part in several activities aimed at providing them with opportunities to practise their Modern Standard Arabic. However, the speaker's identity, occupation and background were not revealed to the students.
The students divided themselves into groups and prepared their speeches for and against the particular issues. Teachers can use a contrastive approach to point out differences in the sound systems of the two varieties, for example, some words differ in MSA and the dialect only in the length of the vowel; in other instances the words are completely different.
Here, browse recent posters from population campaigns in China, India, and Kenya, and learn how their different approaches have fared in the decades since they began. Couples in rural areas, where 80 percent of the population lives, may have two or possibly more children but should delay getting married initially and then space their children. However, the number of Chinese women having children today is still much greater than were having children in the previous generation, so China's population growth continues.
By showing happy single female children, many of the ads also seem to respond subtly to the traditional preference for boys, which some critics maintain has led to the killing of female infants. However, India's total fertility rate has declined by more than 40 percent since the 1960s, and today the average number of children per woman is around three.
Indian public information campaigns are also working to counter favoritism for boys, a deeply ingrained tradition that drives couples to have more children.
In the 1970s, the government declared a population "state of emergency," began implementing forced sterilizations in the nation's poorest regions, and even rewarded medical workers who performed the most operations. While the Kenyan government formulates official strategies on family planning, promotion of the message and means of family planning falls mainly to local health-care offices and nongovernmental organizations. The average number of children per woman has dropped to around four from around eight in the 1980s, which constitutes one of the fastest-ever national declines in family size. The campaigns also aim to demystify contraceptive methods and provide assurance of their safety and utility, especially in rural areas, where suspicion and misunderstanding are common.

The month of April is designated as such to raise public awareness and educate communities on how to prevent sexual violence.
However, the individuals who frequently do commit these offenses are repeat offenders or serial offenders. A shirt is hung on a clothesline to be viewed by others as testimony to the problem of violence against women. If anyone would like to create a shirt to display, they may anonymously drop their completed shirt in The Well or Counseling Services.
If you have any questions, simply click the "Contact" link at the top of the page, or click the "Feedback" icon to your right. Our plan is to be able to not only provide our content across different platforms, but to also use these mediums to engage.
Trump as a fund raising tool under the leadership of John Boehner, Paul Ryan and Mitch McConnell it does not represent me and millions of others like me across this nation. Trump has not authorized it or the use of his name in such fund raising efforts by the RNC. Teachers are encouraged to accept that students will experience difficulties, and that they may be discouraged from learning MSA if they feel pressured to make the transition before they are ready. For example, if the Year 7 curriculum contains a topic related to weather, encompassing vocabulary including the names of seasons and vocabulary relating to weather forecasting, the teacher can compile a comparative list incorporating as much relevant vocabulary as possible. While individual campaigns have had varying degrees of success, they have made a significant impact overall. The national focus on sterilization hindered women's acceptance of family planning, as many considered birth control an all-or-nothing proposition and chose to forgo it entirely. The prize winners were awarded with the certificates and trophies. Yellow House, Bagged the Overall House Champions based on the conducted competitions.
Two of the programs involve withdrawing students from LOTE, the other seeks to boost students' literacy in both English and Arabic through both a Restart program and an Arabic-English bilingual program. Bilal was the only boy in this class.Sarah and Bilal tended to complete their work and the rest of the students frequently relied on their translation to participate.
According to a World Bank study, the average number of children per woman in the developing world declined by 2.5 children between 1960, when many of the campaigns began in earnest, and 1990, and it has continued to decline. AIDS, which affects one in ten Kenyan adults, is a significant factor in both higher contraceptive use and the lower fertility rate. Trump was he is funding his own campaign and that he did not authorize you to use his name in this way. The latter strategy is accompanied by a clear improvement in both languages and in Mathematics (for which Arabic is the medium of instruction). Whenever a question was posed or an explanation required, the other students could not keep up, as Sarah and Bilal were usually quick with the answers. The withdrawal programs yield varied results according to the circumstances of the students.
However the girls spoke the Lebanese dialect with Bilal as he did not feel comfortable speaking English.
This raises interesting questions which could be the focus of further research: Was the students' improvement simply due to hard work and natural progress over time or did they improve because literacy was transferred from one language to the other?
However, their language ability was little affected by this, as they seldom communicated with Bilal.
Despite this, the girls noted that they had learned some new Lebanese expressions and idioms and Sarah claimed that her English skills had improved as a result of using it to communicate with the other students.

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