Design thinking is much more than using post-it notes, hexagonal pieces of paper or even LEGO bricks. I suggest you read through the following sites to develop a better understanding of the design thinking process. During my attendance at the Amsterdam event, the teams came up with the following moonshots.
What if we could build structure that allows students to co-create the curriculum with teachers and experts? What if we could connect students locally and globally to solve authentic problems together? I was involved with moonshot 6 and one of our possible solutions was to get rid of high stakes testing that costs millions and instead put that money into improving teaching and learning for all. What these plants have in common with all other plants is the desire to reproduce, to insure survival.
The poetic sensibility of nature seems to hover somewhere between beauty and terror, paradise and tragedy. Google Docs makes it easy for teachers to collaborate with their students and not have to worry about losing their homework, but tracking down assignments can be a nightmare.
This tab allows me to view, comment or edit the Google Doc, Spreadsheet or Presentation 'handed in' without ever having to leave the window.

Step 7) One limitation of the viewer is that it only reads URLs that begin with http not https.
This means whenever a student copy and pastes a URL that starts with https it will replace it with http. To learn more about managing Google Docs in the Classroom (and to see Kern Kelley speak) come to the Google Apps for Education Maine Summit on August 17 & 18, or to a summit in a region near you. Slideshare uses cookies to improve functionality and performance, and to provide you with relevant advertising. This presentation gives a historical and informational overview of UDL and how it can be applied to the use of of assistive technology in those who may have disabilities.
Use of the design is easy to understand, regardlessof the user's experience,knowledge, languageskills, or current concentrationlevel. The design communicatesnecessaryinformationeffectivelyto the user, regardlessof ambient conditionsor the user'ssensory abilities. The design minimizes hazards and the adverseconsequencesof accidentalor unintended actions. Appropriate size and space is providedfor approach, reach, manipulation,and use regardlessof user's body size, posture, or mobility.
This summit was very much like the Google Teacher Academy London last October which I attended as a mentor.

We can't think of any valid reason why this can not be possible and I would welcome your thoughts about this and the other moonshots. Lakeside Academy is committed to planning, presenting and supporting activities that reflect the values, traditions and multiculturalism of their community. The transparent hood of a Cobra Lily is designed to retain and reflect light specifically to draw the insects' attention. You can use the built in Find and Replace feature or if you're a little adventurous, set it up a script to do it automatically. The process at both events involved lots of thinking, teasing out ideas and thoughts, pulling at every suggestion and making it bigger. Tiny hairs in the Venus Fly Trap signal when a visitor enters the claw-like appendage which will then snap shut, paralyzing, and crushing the victim.
The script is included in the spreadsheet, you just have to turn on the Form Submit trigger.
Highly evolved in the deadly art of attraction, they paralyze, shock, crush, and trap their victims that range from insects, spiders, worms, tadpoles, lizards and small rats.

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