The Pro-Ana community has always consisted of using acronyms while talking about their community.
It is seemed that this is to make it so that those who are not apart of their community will not understand what they are talking about. When looked at by the average person who is not familiar with pro-ana, you would just see a colored bracelet.
When looking at something writing about pro-ana, you may not completely understand what the person is trying to say.

Sometimes, you can simply use the context clues from other parts of the post to figure out what the acronym stands for.
If the person has half colored beads and half white beads, then they are in the process of recovering from the disease.
It stated, "What we support is the project being used as a way to help one get better from whatever they are suffering from.
Before starting my research, I was completely unsure of what anything meant when I looked at the Pro-Ana sights.

All it took was a simple google search for Pro-Ana acronyms and everything I needed to know was at my fingertips. When celebrities are seen wearing the bracelets, it also has a huge motivation for young girls to do the same thing.

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