My mother always told me when I was growing up that if you were kind to others, it didn’t matter what you looked like. NEVER forget that you are a creation of a higher power, you were created to be who you are. I may not be completely love myself one hundred percent yet, but I really do think I’m getting there! Let’s start having fun with our hair, braid it, play with it, let it be messy, put stuff in it, dye it, cut it off, grow it long, love it. I just told myself as long as your weight didnt hold you back from the things you loved, dont look at it as a bad thing. To be body positive is a journey of self acceptance while advocating for and accepting our differences with others.

I’ve realized that beauty is able to manifest itself through good action and character. I know for me, it was hard to accept who I really am, but I am so much happier now that I have been able to accept my body for what it really is. For years I continued to run and play sports and then when sophmore year of highschool hit, I went into a huge depression.
I attempted suicide several times.This Tumblr is a place to help me and everybody else going throught recovery. Body positivity is for everyone; fighting self-hate and working towards self-love and acceptance of ourselves and others through resources, visibility, and discussion!
I love each any every one of you beautiful people for being able to be confident enough to post on here.

I got a boyfriend that ended up becoming abusive very quickly and I eventually found my way out. After we broke up I started to run again and noticed I couldnt run for more than a few minutes and I began to cry.

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