So I got bored and decided to make some memes relating to my daily life with 'food issues'. Summer is perfect for many things, including staying current on the latest trends in dental hygiene. Dimensions of Dental Hygiene is committed to the highest standards of professionalism, accuracy and integrity in our mission of education supporting oral health care professionals and those allied with the dental industry.
This page is for people who already have issues to find something to identify with, not for anyone to try and 'adopt a new lifestyle' or whatever.

Answer the questions correctly and you will be placed in a drawing to WIN the ultimate Dimensions of Dental Hygiene gift basket.
Our cover story, Preparing for the Zika Virus, offers two continuing education (CE) units and provides information on protection from this viral pandemic.
Through our print and digital media platforms, continuing education activities, and events, we strive to deliver relevant, cutting-edge information designed to support the highest level of oral health care. Maecenas ac tempor odio.Click here to view all articles in other categories not listed above.

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