Home to exceptional academics, rich history, and wondrous terrain, Edinburgh is a premier study abroad destination.
Find yourself in two of the most historic cities in the world- Stirling and Edinburgh, Scotland.
The University of Edinburgh is considered one of the world’s top universities (17th overall according to QS World University Rankings).
This four week program includes two sophomore level courses, equine anatomy and physiology and equine fitness, as well as hands on experience with English style riding.
The St Andrews program offers students the opportunity to live and study in a medieval city and centuries-old university, while enjoying Scottish culture and everyday life in a charming seaside college town. Queen Margaret University hosts exchange programmes that let QMU students study in another university abroad for one to two semesters. Our courses range from economics,politics and business to literature, drama and education, all designed to offer you unique and interesting subjects. Some even include and internship to make the summer in Edinburgh an unforgettable and career enhancing experience. Each student we work with has a designated UK Study Expert who offers free support and guidance to finding the right program and university for them. BUNAC's exciting Intern in Britain program gives students and recent graduates the opportunity to work as an intern in the UK for up to 6 months. Located in the heart of Scotland's capital city, the University of Edinburgh is one of the most distinguished research institutions in Europe. Study abroad with World Endeavors at Heriot-Watt University's beautiful Scottish Borders campus! Gain self confidence, new skills, valuable work experience and an outstanding resume while you work at an exciting and challenging internship in the field of your choice.
Known as one of Europe's most beautiful cities, Edinburgh gains its reputation not just from its architectural elegance alone, but from the way its buildings and monuments are seamlessly woven into the existing landscape of rocky hills and cliffs that overlook the frigid, North Sea. The city of Edinburgh was originally established as a fort atop Castle Rock by an ancient tribe known as the Gododdin, who were the descendents of the old Celtic tribe known as the Votadini. Over the centuries, Scotland had its quarrels with England over its independence and rights, with things settling down only after 1706 when the Acts of Union were passed, which led to the unification of England and Scotland into the Kingdom of Great Britain. Scotland is known for haggis, which -- if you really want to know -- is sheep's heart, liver, and lungs minced together with onions, oatmeal, and some seasoning. Many of Edinburgh's restaurants are clustered around Old Town's Royal Mile and New Town's Princess Street. The Grassmarket district is one of the best places to hang around at night, as it offers some of Edinburgh’s most authentic traditional bars, along with a happening nightlife.
Since 2012 Phi Delta Epsilon Medical Fraternity has arranged study abroad summer sessions at Harlaxton College, the British Campus of the University of Evansville.

Kelly Ring, CA Mu, states: "I thought the exams were extremely representative to the course material and they were very fair. Students at Harlaxton College live and learn on the grounds of a 19th century English manor house in the East Midlands, the heart of historic England. Saif Alzwaideh, CA Mu, explains, "If I had another chance to go to Harlaxton College to study abroad, I would do it in a heartbeat. NOTE: Charges do not include air travel to and from London, personal expenses, or optional weekend travel. Students will have the opportunity to go beyond the classroom coursework and will enjoy experiencing the culture of Scotland outside of their academics.
The university offers a varied curriculum, with specialities across disciplines such as arts, business, humanities, and the natural sciences. It is all done in the sweeping Scottish countryside on the outskirts of the capital city of Edinburgh.
From the Old Town's medieval castle to the New Town's neoclassical architecture, the city offers a constantly changing perspective.
Where partnerships exist, QMU also provides students from partner universities with the opportunity to study at their campus in Edinburgh. Across The Pond has over a decade of experience in helping students study for undergraduate and graduate degree programs or shorter-term semester and year-long programs in Scotland and the rest of the UK.
This is a great way to spend time living and working in Britain while gaining workplace experience which could also be relevant to your course of study or future career. Students will experience an amazing mix of the old and the new with ancient and modern campus buildings.
Study academic courses taught at local universities that broaden your perspective and nurture your personal growth.
Edinburgh is small enough to walk anywhere you need to go but big enough to keep you coming back for more,  a must-see city during your European travels abroad.
They chose this location not only because it allowed them views of the lay of the land, but also because of the safety its summit location provided from intruders. The northern village of Leith, which is by the Firth of Forth, is especially known for their fresh seafood restaurants. The amazing Edinburgh Castle was initially built in the 9th century and completed in the 12th century, residing in what is now the center of Edinburgh. Full of shops and street performers, the Royal Mile (High Street) is a great place for souvenir shopping…Kilts anyone? Home of Mary Queen of Scots and the ruins of the Norman abbey, the Palace was built by King David I in the 12th and 13th century and is currently the official residence of the residing Queen during her visits to Edinburgh. A great place for reasonably priced Paninis, sandwiches, and international foods, or even a cup of coffee, Elephant House is located very close to Edinburgh University and Parliament Square.

Here at Clam Shell they’ll deep fry almost anything, including pizza, ribs, haggis, and even Mars bars! Some highly recommended places are Dropkick Murphys and Finnegan’s Wake, both great bars that offer live music in a brilliant, Irish atmosphere. This experience takes place in May-June with optional travel, classes met Monday through Thursday with excursion opportunities on weekends. They visit London which is only one hour away by any one of the 18 trains daily that serve the great capital city. It had been the best things I have done in college and the best experience I have had in my undergraduate life. Edinburgh is a city of pubs, cafes and restaurants filled with writers, artists and comedians.
So leave your pants at home, throw on a kilt, and bust out the bagpipes, because Edinburgh is a city waiting to be explored!
Today, Edinburgh is a modern hub of Europe that draws visitors from all over the world who want to experience the beauty and allure that is Edinburgh.
Although haggis and other Scottish delicacies can be found all throughout the city, note that Edinburgh also offers an array of un-Scottish cuisine, from Thai to Italian.
When entering, view the main hall and make your way to the back to visit the Thistle Chapel. Walk the halls and visit the many chambers and dining rooms of this fully functioning palace. The inside of the manor is straight out of a movie, complete with hidden staircases and doors.
I urge everyone to go; it is worth every penny especially because after undergrad and into medical school, you will not have an opportunity to do something like this for a long time. Students should also note that the pubs in Edinburgh offer cheap, tasty dishes like fish and chips, hamburgers, and sausage, among other menu items.
Rowling wrote her first novels, inspired by the views of Edinburgh castle through the window of the back room. Cullen, Professor at the University of Evansville, and former professor at the University of Southern California School of Medicine, ensured this class matched a graduation requirement and helped students familiarize themselves with MCAT relevant material and medical school preparation. Being located in the countryside in a small town allows us to see the real England, not just the big cities of London.

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