All students whose first language is not English will have to provide proof of English language proficiency. Students will be working with patients early on and we want to be sure that they will be confident to be able to communicate with staff, students and patients, some of whom will have broad accents. All successful international applicants are required to pay a fee deposit of a third of the year’s fees. Unless explicitly stated otherwise, all material is copyright © The University of Edinburgh 2016.
Professor Alan Gilloran of Queen Margaret University in Edinburgh answered “yes” to all three questions during a recent evidence session at the Scottish parliament.
Professor Gilloran said there was a duty to question the professional hierarchy that places medicine and law at the top. I think we all have a responsibility to actually challenge our established orthodoxies in terms of, why is medicine (seen as a pinnacle of achievement)? I wouldn’t argue with Gilloran’s point that society should in some way review and consider how it wants to reward the attractiveness of different careers. Indeed, academic achievement is our single best guide to who will succeed at medical school.
None of this is to say that softer medical skills like empathy and the ability to communicate have not risen up the list of priorities for medical schools over recent years. The likes of the Stafford Hospital scandal, in which poor care led to the deaths of up to 1,200 patients, also demonstrates the importance of having doctors who have the confidence and determination to stand up for what is right in a system that sometimes makes it very difficult. But we needn’t prioritise these other qualities at the expense of academic rigour, partly because the career is so popular. Medical schools are under political pressure to fix this, but this is counterbalanced by a need to select students on a transparent, fair and meritocratic basis as described in the Schwartz report of 2004. Even if you specialise, it’s critical to have a sound understanding of other areas – if only to limit the need to seek help from the other specialists all the time. Imported from the US, the rationale is that you don’t need to train everybody in the science or to critique what they are doing so much. Examples include coronary artery bypass grafts, when surgeons delegate the job of stripping out the veins to be plumbed into the heart; or inserting intrauterine contraceptive devices. A surgeon doing a heart operation might be plumbing on one level, but along the way they will have to make finely judged decisions about the condition of the heart, the anaesthetist’s advice on how sick the patient is, and so on. Beyond that, doctors are constantly required to keep up with the latest developments and technology. A number of the bright young things that you have trained might decide they were better spending their time doing other things. There is already a dash to retirement, so if we decided to slash doctors' salaries in the UK, it would be an interesting experiment – but also a brave one. More medical experts should contribute to Wikipedia to ensure its health pages are accurate. An effective ‘quality assurance’ process supports learning and development and over the last few months planning has been on-going to introduce a revised Level 1 ‘Evaluation Process’ using the Kirkpatrick Model of Evaluation.
Beginning in April of this year we will evaluate areas of our work using semi-structure de-briefs, reaction questionnaires and observation of practical sessions by qualified trainers and assessors.
Valuing your staff and investing in their development is essential to producing a quality product. Carillion Services also support their staff through a programme of continuous professional development tailored to their individual needs and to those of centre business. The continuous improvement ‘philosopy’ enables the TTC to continue to achieve excellence in all areas of business. The first such visit took place in December when 18 student officers from Durham attended the facility for an experience they described as “informative, well delivered … where even a complete novice like myself felt engaged & understood the material”.
The ‘Stay Safe Firearms Package’ underpinned the day and many of the issues considered by Authorised Firearms Officer s(AFOs) as part of their role were highlighted particularly the response to a firearms incident. Awareness of the commitment and professionalism demonstrated by AFOs in the training environment and operationally when protecting members of the public. Awareness of the mental, physical and emotional challenges faced by AFOs when performing this volunteer role in addition to a greater awareness of the training, expertise and support provided to AFOs by the TTC and its’ specialist trainers & staff.

These visits enable student officers to contextualise their learning and to experience the centre facilities where officers train to be AFOs. Another important aspect of the visit is the opportunity for officers to understand fully what we as a state of the art facility actually provide in terms of support and protection for both forces.
The TTC experience allows our future officers to be Better Informed, Better Prepared and thus Better able to protect our communities’.  Long may this continue! At the TTC we have developed one of the country’s leading advanced medic’s courses for firearms officers. The excellent facilities at the TTC, tactical knowledge and skills of the police instructors supported by experienced military clinicians and paramedics makes for a unique, interesting and inspiring course. A – Appropriate facilities and resources, the TTC is a state of the art training facility, we use the latest trauma care kit tested in war zones together computerised Resusci Anne Simulators and real life role players from Action Amps (amputees). G – Governance, having suitable and appropriate clinical governance is a must for any organisation delivering medics training. The TTC offers courses to those wishing to enhance their skills in a variety of specialist areas including Medics training, Method of Entry, Command and Firearms. Serious incidents and accidents occur in the workplace which may leave the employer and employee vulnerable to the trauma & stresses related to being involved. Within the arena of police firearms PIM’s have been trained to ensure the post incident process is conducted with integrity whilst ensuring those involved are afforded support and the relevant protection. The role of the PIM within the police is being rolled out to deal with other incidents where a death or serious injury has occurred as a result of contact with the police e.g.
3.      Demonstrate the organisations commitment to their staff in terms of support, welfare and other potential needs. 4.      Provide a pivotal and consistent role in supporting those members of staff identified as needing support throughout the length of the post incident process. Dentistry is a professional career dedicated to the evaluation, diagnosis, prevention and treatment of diseases, disorders and conditions of the oral cavity, maxillofacial area (upper and lower jaws), associated structures next to these areas and their impact on the human body. We use a Creative Commons Attribution NoDerivatives licence, so you can republish our articles for free, online or in print. Do we keep good people out of medical schools by insisting on excessive entry requirements? He cast doubt on whether medical-school entry requirements of five As at higher (or three As at A-level further south) produced the best doctors.
Any suggestion that we should drop the requirement for top grades to become a doctor needs to overcome this problem: they maximise the chances of securing the qualifications required to go into practice and raise the standards attained.
Fortunately we can select not only bright doctors but also those with softer skills and sound values. In particular, social mobility has waned in recent years and medical schools are among the worst offenders, essentially because the variation in quality and attainment in British schools is so stark. If you select an applicant with lower grades because they come from a worse school or poorer background you must reject someone applying from a privileged background.
Indeed, the healthcare system has arguably become too specialised, and there is now a trend to refocus on creating generalists. Undoubtedly there are some roles that can be carried out by people with less extensive training. You can train some in a more mechanistic way, which works well for many simpler tasks that follow the expected pattern. But when something goes wrong and people get out of their depth they typically default to the doctor to make the decisions and carry the responsibility.
It’s a career that requires major life-long learning, which is surely easier for the brightest and best motivated scholars. A British medical qualification is a highly transferable asset after all and New Zealand, Australia and Canada all offer more attractive terms to medics than here in the UK. I know who I will look for when my internal plumbing goes awry and I would hope to find them in the NHS. Here at the Tactical Training Centre our aim is to promote and produce ‘quality’ in everything we do. This will help us to measure the effectiveness of our training throughout the year and guide us as to where improvements may need to be made.

Analysis of Student Satisfaction, Usefulness of Training, Efficacy of our Training Methods, Trainer Skills and suitability of the Centre and associated training venues will help us to build a picture of where we achieve and where we may have work to do. Our PFI partners Carillion Services ensure that the services they provide enhance and support the TTC experience. A recent visit by the College of Policing Team saw the TTC awarded a full Firearms Training Licence without any development plan. However, recently whilst working closely with the training departments of both Cleveland Police & Durham Constabulary the benefits of renewing such visits were highlighted and plans put in place to host and welcome student officers to the TTC. The course has recently been accredited by The Royal College of Surgeons of Edinburgh, Faculty of Pre-Hospital Care. This is essential to ensure the quality of the training product and to give the public confidence in the officers themselves.
Both the employer and employee may become subject to legal jeopardy, either criminally or through the civil courts.
There are a myriad of other incidents within our organisation which have resulted in serious criminal charges or charges under Health & Safety legislation being directed at individuals or the organisation. This occurs in the aftermath of an incident and for the protracted period afterwards when an investigation into the circumstances of the incident are carried out. The care that dentists are trained to provide greatly improves the quality of their patients’ lives. Thus it is easier for dentists to achieve a perfect balance between their professional and personal lives. We have a reasonable amount of evidence that demonstrates that the higher your academic achievement before you come into medicine, the better you will do in terms of exam performance. Most medical schools are keen to widen access as much as they can, but also risk the charge of social engineering.
And many new consultants still don’t feel fully prepared for their role even after so much training, which is one reason why a new junior-consultant grade is emerging. Driving the business is a focus on giving all who attend a learning experience which is valuable, fit for purpose and meets the needs of both the individual and the organisation. In addition to our trainers being nationally qualified as firearms Instructors, additional skills e.g. We believe that investing in and supporting our staff coupled with our staff commitment to continuous improvement is key to achieving quality. The Tactical Team Medics (TTM) course builds on the College of Policing requirements for two levels of medics training which are mandatory for various roles within firearms in the UK. It continues until any subsequent Inquest, civil hearing or criminal hearing has taken place.
As a dentist, you are a member of the healthcare team providing advice to the public about oral healthcare. Oral diseases like tooth decay, gum diseases and oral cancer, malocclusion (when teeth in the upper and lower jaws do not fit properly), genetic deformities and anomalies affecting the oro-facial complex, and other oral problems can cause a great deal of discomfort, pain and adversely affect oral functions such as chewing food, talking or playing of musical instruments. You can’t overestimate the importance of having a broad grounding in medicine, whatever kind of practitioner you become. Dedicated, professional staff ensure our facilities are maintained to a high standard, our ranges and armouries are well managed and that students and visitors to the centre are provided with an award winning catering service. Your job will also include restoring function to badly decayed, broken or infected teeth, replacing missing teeth with dentures, bridges or implant-supported prostheses, treatment of oral diseases such as inflammatory diseases of gum and supporting tissues, destructive diseases such as cancer of the oral tissues, the aligning and straightening of teeth.
A patient’s appearance, self-esteem and confidence can also be greatly enhanced through various types of dental procedures. NLP is used successfully to model excellence, effect change, transform limiting beliefs and enhance communication and is a tool we use to maximise the return on what is a substantial financial investment.

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