This November, Creighton fans can be thankful for what Ethan Wragge has contributed during four-plus years in a Bluejays uniform.
Wragge arrived on the Creighton campus for Dana Altman’s final season on the Hilltop. Going into his sophomore season, however, Wragge literally started off on the wrong foot dealing with plantar fasciitis.
For many players, the emergence of McDermott — a guy playing the same spot as Wragge — may have discouraged them enough to possibly look elsewhere to play, but not for Ethan. The biggest enhancement in Wragge’s game last season was being a much better defender in the post, which is needed for the matchups with bigger players on defense. As a Freshman Chrissy averaged 10 ppg, 3 rebounds, 3 assists and 2 blocks for her high school team.
The sharpshooter from Eden Prairie, Minnesota, was a key cog off the bench as a freshman, hitting a team-high 68 three-pointers and being hailed as the next Kyle Korver. Instead, he has grown in his role off the bench the past two seasons teaming with McDermott on the court to extend the defense and to torch teams from downtown.
However, there is nothing better than seeing Wragge dropping one of his #WraggeBombs in the corner to spur a Bluejay rally. She was 1st team All – Lake Conference, which is the toughest and most competitive conference in Minnesota girls basketball. My problem was is that I didn’t know exactly what sport I wanted to do and work at for the rest of my life.
Being able to play in the state tournament my 8th grade year was nerve racking but so much fun.

By the end of the season, Wragge was in the starting lineup and things were lining up for a stellar career as a Bluejay. As he sat on the bench and retained a year of eligibility, freshman forward Doug McDermott splashed onto the scene. In 20 games last season, Wragge was the first player off the bench for the Bluejays, bringing instant offense to one of the most efficient offensive teams in the country.
In his three full seasons with the Bluejays, Wragge has shot better than 41% from behind the arc.
From countless hours of lacing up my dance shoes and putting on loads of makeup I came to the realization that dancing…. After that season I knew I needed to get better because I wanted to be a role player on my high school team as a Freshman. Over the holiday break I enjoyed spending time with my family and friends and enjoying my sisters company while they were home from college. My parents taught me the lesson of being able to balance out my priorities and not putting my self in a position to lose everything I have worked for. He’s made more than four times as many shots from behind the arc (224) as he’s attempted inside the arc (47). Next I got into the phase of wanting to be a volleyball player just as good as my sister Tamika.
Heading into this season, he could be the first men’s player in Creighton history to lead the Bluejays in three pointers made in four different seasons. After my parents and I soon picked up that me wanting ball 1,2 and 3 was not going to work out and that I needed to go into a little more fast paced sport.

Two weeks before my 6th gradetryouts, I was sitting in my dads office and told him I wanted to play basketball and try out for the A team. I loved working out in the morning because it allowed me to work out and then still be able to go to the beach with my friends and hang out. With a smile on his face he told me that I was going to have to work hard at it if I wanted to be on the A team, but that was something I was willing to do. Weeks passed and I ended up making the A team, and I have fell in love with the game ever since.
I watched your game against Vero Beach in the the state championship game and thought you had an awesome game. We were 18-7 this past season and ranked in the top 8 in the south region which spans from Colorado to Virginia, so a large part of the country.
We were one of the top 3 point shooting teams in the country but also posted the 4th best defensive FG% in our conference history.
It's so refreshing to discover insight on respective players you intentionally and deliberately highlight.

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