The robot contains some voice recording, which can be triggered when it hears certain keywords. Go to Old Lady Gibson [Gibson Scrap Yard] (MsE:18) #2, who will tell you about solar plant HELIOS One. When you find it (or it is already found), you'll meet April Martimer, a member of the Followers of the Apocalypse. You need to complete its first part (deal with a guard) in order to continue with your task. When you have full freedom, go to Lorenzo [Hidden Valley Bunker, L2] (M13B:4) and give him the robot.

Now you have to possible choices and you have to decide what upgrades of ED-E you want - its armor or weapons. While going to upper levels you will be stopped 3 times by the Mobile Facial Recognition Scanner. If your skills are not high enough, you will have 30 seconds to leave the building regardless of your answers.

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