Google +Every year it seems as if the ticket prices to EDC Las Vegas keep increasing as demands are higher, lineups are larger, and production expenses escalate.
Insomniac is known for it’s over the top events and always tries to outdo previous years when it comes to the overall experience at each festival. The VIP viewing areas have always been better due to their spacious, private, and elevated platforms and now VIP ticket holders will have access to an additional viewing area in front of the Cosmic Meadow stage. There will also be VIP courtyards which will include new and fun activities such as photo booths, complimentary body paint make-up artists,  photo-op locations, and a ball pit.
Reports have begun surfacing from certain tabloid outlets that Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas will implement random drug testing this year. We’ve reached out to Insomniac, and have learned that these reports are 100% inaccurate — the festival will go on without the supposed privacy violations and allow its fans to enjoy the night’s music and entertainment without being scrutinized on a scientific level; a claim that is too outrageous to warrant the attention. Bottom line: Be there (you won’t want to miss it), be safe (f*ck drugs), and enter the festival not feeling like your rights have been violated.
Electronic Dance Music (EDM) having its own unique culture and arguably being the fastest growing genre in music todayfans need a media source to be informed of what is happening in the EDM scene. The day has finally arrived for Insomniac to officially announce information for Electric Daisy Carnival 2014 in Las Vegas and just as we reported in mid October the festival will be held from June 20 through 22 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for the fourth year in a row. Chances are you read one of our 82 ProTips leading up to the festival last year and also found an EDC Week event on our calendar listing. We already started a post for EDC Week 2014 that can be bookmarked. The festival attracts 115,000 headliners every night for three straight nights and is one of the largest festivals in the world. Founder of this web site, I have also has been involved with raves since 1999 as a raver, flyer guy, owned a promotion company throwing small and large events and also ran one of the first Dancesafe chapters. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email. Insomniac returns to Tinker Field on November 4 & 5, 2016, for yet another fantastic weekend of sunshine, good vibes, spectacular art, performers, carnival rides and the best beats around.
This past weekend was one for the history books as San Francisco hosted the second Dreamstate, presented by Insomniac Events. With this being my first trip to the Orlando installment of Electric Daisy Carnival I was extremely excited to see what all the hype was about.
On Saturday I made sure to arrive early enough at the NOS Event Center while the sun was still up so that I could check out Escape Psycho Circus attraction which was inspired by American Horror Story. I’m sure I wasn’t the only EDC Virgin who screamed and danced around my room when I got the confirmation e-mail that my tickets were purchased. Any EDC Veteran can tell you that one of the most exhilarating and unexplainable moments is walking into EDCLV for the first time.
One of the many great things about EDCLV is that attendees have freedom to express themselves however they want. In the EDCLV documentary “Under the Electric Sky,” Pasquale and his team explain that performers are crucial to EDCLV because they have the opportunity to target people who are tired or not having fun and put smiles on their faces.
This may seem kind of odd at first…isn’t the whole point of going to Las Vegas to be at the speedway? This is one of the most iconic things from EDCLV 2014 that Virgins may be anticipating the most. Insomniac‘s Electric Daisy Carnival is one of the biggest dance music festival franchises in the world.

You’ll be amazed to see how far we’ve come, and we can’t wait to share new memories with our Headliners in 2016. This entry is filed under Funnyordie & Celebrity Killer Images and tagged 2013 electric daisy carnival, edc, edc 2013, edc las vegas, edc mushroom stage, edc stage, electric daisy carnival.
The tickets will be going on sale on November 25 for people who’d purchased tickets last year and then another early bird sale on December 2. The gigantic event was one for the books as it once again sold out, celebrating their 20th Anniversary. After experiencing the first ever Dada Land Compound on New Year’s Eve in Brooklyn, I became hooked. But from what I’ve heard from EDCLVeterans, the feeling when you receive your ticket box in the mail is even better than Christmas morning.
With the whole world and weekend ahead of you as you look down upon the Las Vegas Motor Speedway, tears of joy may very well fall.
Ravers come from all around the world to experience EDCLV, and it is undeniable that you will meet people from all walks of life. If you’re a festival rookie and don’t know what a totem is, it’s basically a large sign attached to a pole that features a unique saying, meme, or piece of art. And, even if you are having a blast, the embellished performers will make your smile that much bigger.
The giant LED Electric Daisy is a movable form of art that slowly travels around during the festival.
Your browser is an eight year old browser which does not display modern web sites properly. Join us June 17, 18 and 19 at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway for three unforgettable nights of super blooming beats, funkdafied freaks and full-size carnival rides. Whether you’re a first-timer or a seasoned veteran, experience the magic once again as we celebrate 20 years Under the Electric Sky with this breathtaking time-lapse video that captures the spirit of Electric Daisy Carnival. From sunrise to sunset, witness all the incredible action from 2009–2015 in just under four minutes. Follow our step-by-step guidelines, and rest assured you’ll be one step closer to joining in on the madness at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway June 17–19. EDC Week begins on the Tuesday prior to the festival and features pool parties, club events, the EDM Biz Conference and new this year will be the dance music awards show. Because I’m your standard mid-20-something year old with a mediocre-paying job stuck in the farmland of upstate New York, I’ve attended many shows the past two years, but never a full festival. 2014’s ticket box was slipped inside a sleeve that contained not only your EDCLV tickets, but also a message from Pasquale, foam earplugs (a must for anyone who regularly attends festivals), owl and flashlight keychains, stickers, and a book outlining the details of your upcoming experience. As the first DJs hit the decks around 7 pm, chances are you may arrive to the speedway just as the sun sets, making for an even more epic opening portrait of EDCLV. People come alone and leave with friends that they’ll be in touch with for the rest of their lives, and that’s what is so beautiful about the EDC culture you’re soon to experience. From custom rave bras to kandi masks to face paint to full-on costumes, costumes are without a doubt one of the highlights of the weekend.
Totems add humor and creativity to any festival, and also provide ample photo opportunities with new friends and ravers. From clowns to dancers to giant performers on stilts acting as butterflies or ladybugs, EDCLV hands down has the best entertainment you can find.

But with hundreds of thousands of people cramped into a relatively small area, EDCLVirgins must be prepared to do without much use of their phones while at the speedway. While it’s not the smartest place to meet up, because you’ll never know where it is, it’s definitely something you’ll have to stop and take a picture with. Last year Insomniac announced a partnership with Dick Clark Productions for the awards show. I know I speak for both Virgins and Veterans when I say I can’t wait to check my mailbox on this weekday in May.
Regardless if you come alone or with a massive rave squad, you will leave feeling loved and part of a family. Totems also serve a double purpose – if you get separated from the rest of your group in a big crowd, there’s no easier way to find someone during the closing set at kinetic field. But the entire experience entails experiencing the other EDC events going on during the entire week. Last year, Snapchat did provide free WIFI for their app as well as the Insomniac app, so people could still access festival information and put pictures and videos in their Snapchat stories.
You can purchase up to four tickets and they state that any additional orders placed with the same code and email address will be automatically cancelled. Even though I’m a festival rookie, I’ve followed EDC and the empire Pasquale Rotella has created for the past 24 months, and have put together a list (in no particular order) of what any EDC Virgin should look forward to most this June. Whether it’s merchandise from your favorite DJ, a group theme planned out by your rave squad, or a custom outfit ordered by one of many online outfitters, you’ll want to plan early and thoughtfully to capitalize on photo ops! EDCLV is known for having some of the most special totems out there, so if the creative juices are flowing, sit down with your friends and come up with your own motto for this June. If you’re lucky enough to arrive in Vegas a couple of days early, rest assured that you won’t find yourself lacking things to do. Don’t expect this WIFI to work, however, and, in my opinion, focus on enjoying the weekend free of your phone. And it just so happens that the average sunrise time during June is 5:24 am, which means that your favorite DJ will be closing right as the sun creeps up over the mountains to the east of Las Vegas.
There will be official EDC pool parties and shows that whole week at some of Vegas’s top clubs, which can serve as great precursors to the festival. Take as many pictures and videos as you want, and remember that Instagram, Facebook, and Twitter aren’t going anywhere.
I don’t think much more needs to be said about this one, as it’s something you’ll need to see to believe, and is probably the thing I’m most excited to experience this June. You’ll meet countless other EDCLVirgins and EDCLVeterans throughout the days leading up – at the airport, on the plane, at your hotel, and simply walking through the streets, which makes the experience that much more unique. Free up valuable storage space by deleting most of your apps, because trust me, in the long run, you’ll value the pictures more than your 72 hour access to social media.

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