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Goldspace Creations – They will be bringing The Rabbit Hole, aka the awesome light tunnel experience that was in Dallas last year. Night Owl ExperienceA – Not technically art, but this is the volunteer program Insomniac runs.
Poetic KineticsA – The people behind the giant snail that was at Coachella this year. Tagged in: edc EDC LV electric daisy carnival festival lineupElectric ShepherdessElectric Shepherdess was born out of my frustration with nightlife options and a constant desire to dance. MASS EDMCMASS EDMC is a grassroots Electronic Dance Music Community operating for the benefit of the Northeast electronic scene. Electric Daisy Carnival tickets Orlando are one of the most sought out commodities in Orlando. Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando 2016 - See it Before it's sold out!We like the great number of compliments we delivered from a lot of cities in Florida taking in consideration from Orlando, and they all supported us to keep hard work to provide Last Minute Tix for Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando at cheap prices, as we always do. Also known as EDC, Electrical Daisy Carnival is a music festival held in the spring, summer and fall months in various states through out the United States and various countries throughout the world. The festival was held for the first time in Puerto Rico in 2009, in Dallas, Texas, in 2010, in Orlando, Florida in 2011, in London, United Kingdom in 2013, and in Chicago, Illinois in 2013. After a packed event in Los Angeles in 2010, the Electronic Daisy Carnival was recognized as the biggest electronic music festival outside Europe and was give the nickname, the “American Ibiza”.

The Electric Daisy Carnival family is composed of over 500 theatrical performers that are decked out in innovative costumes, makeup and props. Electric Run takes over Central Florida Fair Park in the 32808 on February 15th, 2014 at 7pm. You’ll run, walk and dance through Neffmau5 Land, Rainbow Road, Electric Avenue, and many other incredible lands all ending up at the Massive Finish Line Celebration! Registration is NOW OPEN,  save 15% off your regular registration cost of $40-70 with the promo code FSEDM, and if you register within the first 24 hours you get a free pair of shutter shades from Electric Run!! Hit this link for FULL Orlando details, we will update this page with the lineup as soon as Electric Run announces it… and remember to use promo code FSEDM to save 15% off your registration!! If there was a single flight of stairs going to the top of the stage, it would have about 140 steps. As promised at the end of last year, there are less huge, mainstream names and more well-known-yet-smaller acts. Luckily, Rotella and his crew realized how in-demand this fest can be and debuted the option to recycle your ticket for a full refundA until Friday, May 3rd at midnight. After a few years of adoration from afar, I partnered with my long-time friends, MASS EDMC, to spread our message far and wide. By bringing people together with music a€“ both through the online community and live artistic shows a€” we aim to encourage an exciting arena for interaction, experiences, vivid memories, and personal growth. With your Electric Daisy Carnival Orlando tickets you are guaranteed one of the best live performances in Staples Center from some of today's best musicians in Electric Daisy Carnival. Founded by the Insomniac Events, EDC has been hosted by venues in California, Colorado, Florida, Nevada, New Jersey, New York, Texas, Puerto Rico, and the United Kingdom. The festival was initially held as a three-day event in New York, in 2012, but as of 2013, it is a two-day event.

Personally, there are a handful of names on here that make me squeal, such as Dog Blood (aka Skrillex and Boys Noize), who I’ve been dying to see for months, Tiga, the eccentric king of awesome, Jack Beats, whose funky fidget beats get me every time, Fake Blood, one of my longest-running favs, Tommie Sunshine, the long haired old skool raver who throws down harder than people half his age and Pete Tong, whose track selection helps to keep me going for hours. When I'm not tending to my flock, I'm writing, dancing, editing, managing, reading or curating. Through the years, the EDC spread to venues across the nation, beginning in June and ending in August. Participants are encouraged to join in on the art by lighting up with glow sticks, LEDs and anything else their imagination can conjure up. The feeling you get when entering the speedway is unlike any other – as you cross through the stadium seats, a massive land of wonder and magic is sprawled out below you and five different beats hit you at once.
If you still want to experience some of the EDC Las Vegas madness, you could go to Bassrush Massive (tickets are on sale still and are decently affordable) or EDMBiz (Insomniac’s electronic music conference). Each year, Pasquale Rotella and his Insomniac team spend months preparing to wow the attendees. Ultra Music Festival may come first each season with daytime pool parties that are way more fun, but it’s nothing compared to EDC. The only close comparison is TomorrowLand, which is significantly more expensive thanks to the European location.

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