It's not the first time Daft Punk has been immortalized in action figures, but this is indeed the first time it's been done in such breathtaking detail. NVIDIA has just released episode three of their deadmau5 Project documentary and it's a gamer's wet dream, and then some. High school kickbacks and raucous nights of beer pong may never be the same, as French company Devialet has just revolutionized portable speaker technology.
It's been an arduously long two years since trap Dad RL Grime released his revolutionary VOID album. 2016 is proving to be an increasingly trying year, as the world has experienced an unprecedented number of terrorist-related attacks all across the globe.
North America’s largest dance music festival, Electric Daisy Carnival, returns to Las Vegas June 17 – 19 with new additions and attractions in the festival’s central chill zone destination, Carnival Square.
Last year, Insomniac premiered Carnival Square at EDC Las Vegas in the center of the Speedway, bringing fans a host of conveniently located amenities, such as charging stations, a merchandise tent, photo booths, delicious food options, a lost and found center, and more. This year, attendees will be treated to five new features, including free Wi-Fi and costume contests, creating a relaxing recharge space. The new Carnival Square embodies the essence of EDC by bringing Headliners together to embrace the dance music culture and community created over the three-day weekend.
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The 2015 EDC Las Vegas live stream will be featured on Spacelab TV, with Yahoo handling the EDC live stream.

The Spacelab guide to the best indie, alternative, & electronic music festivals in 2016. Electric Daisy Carnival will make its fifth landing in Las Vegas this year, playing host to multiple stages of electronic music and events at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as well as after hours partying.
There's a EDC Las Vegas live stream webcast happening with a live video feed to cover the action,and we'll run the live feed video here on Spacelab TV.
Then come back after the festival for updated archived video performances and EDC Las Vegas live sets. Check out videos from past EDC Las Vegas performances (below) and come back for more during and after this year's festival. The Electric Daisy Carnival will make its fifth landing in Las Vegas this year, playing host to multiple stages of electronic music and events at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway as well as after hours partying.
Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, one of the most anticipated EDM centered festivals is once again back to raise the bar even higher this year than it did in years past and in many more ways than one.
Without Parachute Or Wingsuit Online [VIDEO] Skydiver Luke Aikins will leap out of a plane without a parachute on July 20. Its official name is Electric Daisy Carnival and the official EDC Las Vegas 2015 dates were June 19 - 21. If you prefer a larger view, head over to our EDC Las Vegas live stream webcast on our Spacelab TV player, complete with a live Twitter feed to cover the action.
Then come back during the festival weekend and after for archived performances and live sets.

It will feature EDC Las Vegas live sets and more, direct as a live stream from EDC in Las Vegas. This year, Electric Daisy Carnival, for the first time ever will be broadcasting from the Las Vegas motor speed way. Also watch the simultaneous Twitter feed next to the video to take part in the live online conversation. The live broadcast is a free live stream broadcast with live feed cameras happening to bring multiple channels and perspectives to the webcast video. The additions will be a combination of official EDC Las Vegas videos as well as crowdsourced videos from people at the show. Unlike Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas is not live streaming but rather broadcasting event. Over 130,000 little dreamers will meet under the electric sky at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway Friday, Saturday and Sunday for EDC Las Vegas 2015.

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