The announcement trailer can be viewed below, as well as directly on Insomniac’s YouTube page.
The weekend festival will be a transformative celebration of music and art, featuring multiple stages, full-scale carnival rides and attractions, dozens of roaming theatrical performers, and a pyrotechnic display that will blow your audio-visual sense away.
Before Montrell Jackson was killed, the Baton Rouge officer posted a Facebook message discussing the emotional duality of being a cop and a black man. Electric Daisy Carnival Las Vegas, one of the most anticipated EDM centered festivals is once again back to raise the bar even higher this year than it did in years past and in many more ways than one. The festival is now held annually in Florida, Nevada, Puerto Rico, Milton Keynes, Las Vegas, and for the first time this year in Mexico City.

As Insomniac’s premier annual event, EDC LasVegas, is the largest multi-day music festival in North America, and attracted more than 345,000 fans over three days in June 2013. As always, Insomniac will seek to raise the bar for large-scale live events, revealing production elements and large-scale installation artwork specifically tailored for the Las Vegas edition of the world’s largest touring dance music cultural event –Electric Daisy Carnival.
The more you tweet the better your chances become that you will receive two tickets to both days! This year, Electric Daisy Carnival, for the first time ever will be broadcasting from the Las Vegas motor speed way. The event is confirmed to take place this year at the Las Vegas Motor Speedway from Friday, June 19 to Sunday, June 21.

With the phenomenal success in the Las Vegas area over the past three years, the festival has grown to an attendance of over 134,000 people (attendance for 2014) generating millions for the company and millions for local revenue. VIBE will announce the winner via our Twitter on Tuesday June 15 by at 3pm EST and direct message you details so don’t forget to follow us. Unlike Ultra Music Festival, EDC Las Vegas is not live streaming but rather broadcasting event.

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