Katy Perry launched her long-awaited 'Prismatic' 2014 world tour last night (7th May) providing fans with a hit-ladden set and several eye-catching set pieces and costumes.
The 'Part Of Me' star has also revealed the full setlist for her new world tour, while pictures have emerged showing Katy in outfits ranging from a large firework-themed dress to a furry catsuit inspired by her Kitty Purry persona. The 'Prismatic' tour is also split into several different segments named after the theme Katy uses in each one, including Egyptian, Cat-ourve and Hyper Neon.
Katy Perry's 'Prismatic' tour continues with a second show in Belfast tonight (8th May), before going on to shows across Nottingham, Birmingham, Newcastle, Glasgow, Manchester, Liverpool, Sheffield, and London over the course of this month. Because some secrets are too juicy to keep under wraps, Katy Perry Instagrammed the set list for her Prismatic World Tour, which kicks off tonight (May 7) in Belfast, Northern Ireland.
Obviously, I'm not mad at KP's inability to keep a secret, but I'm starting to regret DMing her about making out with a hot dog on that shameful, shameful eighth-grade field trip.

All 13 tracks from the standard version of Prism are listed along with tunes from Teenage Dream and One of the Boys, so KatyCats can stop clawing away anxiously at their mood-adjusting scratching posts. Nella setlist sono stati inseriti molti brani del nuovo album, ma non mancheranno i classici che hanno segnato la storia dei Pink Floyd. David Gilmour, dopo la prova generale andata in scena a Brighton lo scorso sabato 5 settembre, ha svelato finalmente la scaletta provvisoria del tour di "Rattle That Lock". La serie di concerti, che prenderanno il via dalla Croazia, lo porteranno ad esibirsi anche in Italia il prossimo 14 e 15 settembre, rispettivamente a Verona e Firenze.
Nella setlist saranno presenti molti brani del nuovo disco, ma non mancheranno alcuni dei pezzi più rappresentativi del suo vecchio ma celeberrimo gruppo. Dopo il grande successo dello scorso settembre, David Gilmour torna in italia con il Rattle Tath Lock Tour 2016.

Nella classifica FIMI i tormentoni estivi stanno sparendo dai singoli piu venduti in Italia, a parte "Roma-Bangkok", mentre ci sono tante novita tra gli album.
His set included ten songs from both of his phenomenal albums + and x. Check out his 17 song set list and remaining tour dates after the jump.

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