We suspected this last month, but we guess it's now official: Ed Sheeran has written a song for The Fault In Our Stars soundtrack! He shambled into the spotlight in 2011 like a cross between Damien Rice and Craig David – an earnest acoustic singer-songwriter by day and a hook-provider for grime MCs by night. In addition to that, he also announced a number of tour dates, and revealed that his album X is now available for pre-order (as is the TFiOS soundtrack).
We wanted to find a way to reflect the strength of the songs in a more intimate and uninterrupted way than a standard TV advert.

He’s a sentimental troubadour for the suburbanite 1Xtra crowd, wrapped in the clothes of a wannabe surfer kid circa 2003.
Ed tweeted out a link to the TFiOS soundtrack pre-order, which also revealed the full soundtrack set list.
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