Fresh off an All-Star performance at the Grammy Awards, which featured John Mayer and Jeff Lynne, Ed Sheeran has announced dates for a North American summer tour.  Sheeran will play 33 shows in the US and Canada, starting May 6 in Austin, Texas and concluding July 3 at Summerfest in Milwaukee.
While Sheeran has accomplished such feats as selling out Madison Square Garden in the past, his stops on the upcoming tour are not designed to hit the biggest arenas in the area. It will be a hit because Macklemore indulges constantly and without remorse in the seedy underbelly of music making.
It’s not just that this song is a straight jack of every single thing that came out this year in Hip Hop. Look, I’m all for cultural appropriation and all that shit, but this kind of everything-and-the-kitchen-sink, paint by number pop-rap crap is so egregious it should be buried under the Internet, never to be seen again.
It?s a great week for Joe McElderry, not only does he secure another Top 10 album with his new album ?Here?s What I Believe? going straight in at Number 8 on Sunday, he?s also pipped the likes of Leona Lewis and JLS to be crowned Greatest X Factor Act in a poll conducted by Digital Spy.
Joe McElderry has just released the lyric video for his new track ?Here?s What I Believe? which is available now and is the title track of his fourth album which is out on 10th September. During August and September of 2014, Sheeran went on an arena tour which had an average price of $139.42 on the secondary market. Instead of playing a place like Wells Fargo Center in Philadelphia, Sheeran will instead play The Mann Center For Performing Arts. Shawn’s fans eagerly look forward to this week’s premiere of his new single, “Something Big” on November 7th, an earlier than initially planned release date as fans were given a chance to unlock his single early. It has the jazzy “King Kunta” stuff at the beginning when he’s rapping like a pseudo-Kendrick.

The song degenerates even further into this completely nonsensical smorgasbord of complete nonsense. From the jazzy riffs of TPAB to the unbridled positivity of Surf, but it also attempts to jack the pop song that jacked Trinidad James’s “All Gold Everything.” The only thing it doesn’t attempt to rip off is Trap. We aim to be the number one website on the internet to provide the best presale ticketing information for the latest events.
We provide you with the very best links to the biggest ticketing websites in the world; ensuring piece of mind and access to the very best tickets. The most expensive date came at Nashville’s Bridgestone Arena with an average price of $247.71 and a get-in price of $81. Likewise, instead of hitting many of Manhattan’s stored music venues, Sheeran will play two New York City shows at Forest Hills Stadium in Queens.
The single will be available to preorder the same day and will be released on January 18th in the UK. When it’s done right, you get genius like “Thriller,” or more recently “Uptown Funk” and when it’s done wrong you get just about anything done by Iggy Azalea or the end of Britney Spears career. Eric Nally sings his ass off as he leads a foursome of Harley’s down a blocked off street of musical despair. Dot’s masterpiece looks even worse, now, as we now have to tolerate this guy and his fur vests for years upon years to come. Coinciding with today’s announcements, Shawn earned his first RIAA gold certification for his debut single, “Life of The Party,” which vaulted to #1 on iTunes in the USA less than one hour after its release in June.

That you’ll always, always give us (whoever you’re pandering to, that is) what we really desire.
From this to his battles with weed, Macklemore continues to pander and pander and pander to everyone who cares about these sorts of worn out tropes. And as the death march becomes more and more like jerking off to Golden Girls the cowbell flops in for a bigger visit. His problems feel like paper machete cutouts of actual distress, and now his music does, too.
He has them in the video, and you can say that he was trying to introduce a young audience to the old-school greats, but Nah. Last month, he played a special, intimate show at London’s Borderline, where tickets were snapped up in under a minute. Instead,  it feels like it was just another check on his “How To Make A Platinum Single” checklist. Shawn transitioned from teen viral online sensation to full-fledged industry best-seller in July, and performed live on the FOX 5 morning television show Good Day New York, and ABC’s Good Morning America, Live with Kelly & Michael, and Jimmy Kimmel Live!.
It’s the equivalent of waking up to seeing all your neighbors pushed out by ruthless landlords jacking up rents just to make room for cupcake shops.

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