Self proclaimed “duchess of darkwave” Abra released her debut record Rose earlier this summer, but it’s just starting to take off.
His next album, Hit and Run, may be another straight-up R&B album in the vein of Art Official Age, but what will make it unique is actually the format by which it will be released.
Whatever the exact opposite of pop music is, well that’s what this is, and it comes from Chris Carter and Cosey Fanni Tutti, two members of the notable experimental electronic noise band Throbbing Gristle, along with Factory Floor’s Nik Void.
They bounced back quickly with a nearly perfect record in 2011’s Gloss Drop, which in lieu of Braxton’s vocals employed vocalists Gary Numan and Kazu Makino of Blonde Redhead. Their debut album, 2013’s Settle, featuring then mostly unknown artists like Sam Smith and AlunaGeorge—was a runaway hit that not only made Disclosure a household name, but helped launch their friends’ careers too. James is the first release from his AFX moniker since a 2005 split record with the classic British echno production entity, LFO. The minimal hip hop productions act as a darker update to the post-disco group ESG amd are interspersed with a few unexpected a capella tracks, creating a dynamic retro-druggy vibe.

The band’s first record Transverse—which, for lack of a better description, sounds like Brian Eno having a night terror—was a new beginning for Carter and Tutti, who have been producing caustic pounding soundscapes since as early as the late-1970s. It’s on the strength of a couple of EPs, their unreleased material, and their cathartic live show—which bridges the gap between pop and house that the band has landed spots on the main stage of popular festivals like Detroit’s Movement Festival.
Four year’s later your guess is as good as mine as to what their upcoming album, La Di Da Di will sound like, but it’s more likely to push the envelope as far as complex song writing goes, rather than retreat in the direction of pop structures. It was such a hit—nominated for a Grammy for Best Dance Album—from a group that was fairly unknown outside of the dance music world, that it may have even alienated some of the band’s diehard fans. Visions married weirdo-pop music with massive dub-inspired dark wave rhythms, a departure from the artist’s previous offerings which featured mostly lo-fi pop.
Tidal is a “high fidelity music streaming service,” similar to Spotify, launched by Jay Z’s Project Panther imprint.
You’d hardly, then, suspect this trio of falling into a sophomore slump on their second album as a group, f (x), to be released by Industrial Records on September 11..

In such a predicament, it’ll be interesting to see how the English brothers, Guy Lawrence and Howard Lawrence, try to avoid the sophomore slump on their upcoming full length, Caracal, which will feature everyone from Lorde to Miguel—coming September 25. Not one to do the same thing twice, it’s hard to say what Grimes will come up with next—we don’t even know the title of her imminent record yet, only that it will be released by 4AD and that could be substantial as far as run-time goes. This means that when Hit & Run is released on September 7 it will be one of the first albums ever to be released strictly as streaming audio.

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