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So finally an acoustic version made it into the top 10 songs of Ed Sheeran, although I would have guessed a higher rank for this track. Ed Sheeran barely appears in this music video (look at the picture above) but it has a very good meaning behind the visuals. This beautiful fast paced song can be ranked seven on Ed Sheeran’s top 10 songs list. After a little self-debate I decided to give the upper hand to the acoustic version as opposed to the album version. The lyrical wordplay is really amazing in this song, although the meaning is pretty straightforward.
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Chi pre-ordinera la soundtrack avra la possibilita di scaricare immediatamente Come Join The Murder e la ballata Make It Rain, cover version di un brano di Foy Vance cantata da Ed Sheeran.

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This song trumps all of his work, and probably some of the best songs by other artists as well. Fire burns everything in it’s way, it shows no remorse, it is evil–it has no soul!!! The story of a man becoming successful, which could be loosely related to Ed’s life itself. It’s one of those songs you can play it on repeat for a day and still not get tired of it. However, now it is time to take a closer look at his songs and try my best to fit them into a ranking scale from 1 to 10–where 1 being the best and 10 being the 10th best song from his career. Lyrically I would give it 10, creativity wise I would give it 10 and music and track production I would give it 10. And I believe that this song did justice to the movie and the book and hence earns the third spot on the top 10 songs list.
It’s not like the version on the album is any bad, but I just love acoustic versions of songs. I do admit, it took me a few listens to fall in love with this song and every song after it.

Even these songs are ranked in a top 10 songs list, some songs definitely compared parallel to other songs ranked higher on the list.
Granted, Ed Sheeran has had only two studio albums so far, but ranking even one track is a super impossible task–they are that good.
This is not a direct song and if you don’t follow the lyrics and read between the lines, you will lose the real meaning behind it.
I wish there were more numbers in between so I could fit many more into this top 10 songs list. If you agree with our list for the most part, do leave a comment about it and if you think certain songs should switch spots on the top 10 songs list, do mention them and do mention your reasons for the change. I’m from South Korea and I sure I would buy their album once it is released outside the UK. Faye Marsay reveals… Made In Chelsea’s Ollie Locke comes out as gay after splitting from Catherine Louise Radford Ultimate Celebrity Power Couples on Channel 5! He tells Cheryl “Go to sleep!” BABY news for Cheryl FV & One Direction star Liam Payne?

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