Martin guitars have collaborated with award-winning recording artist and everyone’s favourite ginger Ed Sheeran, to create the LX1E Ed Sheeran Signature Edition. But luckily for me, I am now stuck on a deserted island, away from prying eyes and free to pick my desert island iPod list that will get me through the days of waiting for rescue to arrive.
I don’t care how unfortunate your desert island situation is, if Bruno Mars singing about chilling in his Snuggie doesn’t cheer you up, then there is something very wrong with you. If years of watching Lost is anything to go by, it looks like waiting for rescue is going to be an emotional rollercoaster. If there was ever a physical definition of ‘mellow’, it would be Damien Rice singing through this entire album. Despite Ed Sheeran thinking he is too good to be using actual words to name his album (is this plus? Young Pilgrim is Charlie’s debut solo album where he’s taken a break from rock band Fightstar to pursue some more folk-ish vibes. Luckily for me, rescue has arrived just in time to take me back to university for the start of term. The Platform is a groundbreaking blog that provides current affairs and cultural commentary. Her unique indie sound is a refreshing change to whatever it is that pop music is trying to do, with the beautifully spooky combination of her echoing voice, booming drums and vintage electric guitars. With tracks like The Lazy Song, Runaway Baby and Marry You hanging around, life is looking pretty good. Pretty much a whole album of just him and a guitar, Jason just likes to sing about the things that make him happy. It’s a pretty genuine album, keeping its feet on the ground and managing to sing about love without making me want to vomit.

Currently a dentist working in London, she is due to start her second degree in Medicine in September 2016. Our pieces offer challenging opinions from a range of spectrums; that’s why we love hosting a platform for them. It has seen me through a lot; A-levels, university (so far), arduous uphill jogs and roughly five million tube journeys where my personal bubble has been well and truly popped. This girl has got it all figured out, and no small matter like being stranded on an island is going to stop her. But if you do get lonely, Talking to the Moon might provide you with some useful inspiration. This, consequently, makes me very happy, and lying on my desert island beach eating a coconut (I refuse to eat fish) listening to Lucky featuring the stunning Colbie Caillat sounds like heaven. This album is simply epic; each track takes over your life with its anthem-like styles and infectious beats. For those times when you hate everything and everything hates you, A Beautiful Lie needs to be on repeat. It is another one almost entirely compiled of a man and his guitar, but unlike Jason Mraz, Damien would just sit with you while you think, instead of asking you to dance.
Most people would probably say that it is because of his musical talent etc., but I’m just going to go right ahead and say it’s because he’s ginger. The lyrics don’t sound like they were written by an illiterate, infatuated teenager and the instrumentals are, at some points, breath-taking (Riverbanks).
Having read this, most of you probably won’t feel this will get you through island solitude in the same way I do, and I would probably hate your collections too. I’m not going to pretend that I ‘get’ what Muse are singing about, but I do ‘get’ that sometimes we just don’t have time to be pre-occupied with earthly matters, like being stuck on a desert island.

The versatility of Young Pilgrim is really what makes this album special; it goes from epic vocals to all-encompassing instrumentals to the most beautiful, stripped down acoustic tracks. I’ve never really been cool enough to own an iPod classic, and I’m definitely too cool to be clipping my microscopic iPod Nano to my clothes, but it’s what’s on the inside that counts.
Not too heavy-rock, but not exactly Westlife either, this album is the perfect adjunct to those times staring out at the ocean wondering how I got myself into this mess.
If, like me, you have trouble admitting that you have emotions, there are tracks in here that will most definitely bring out your soft side like a melting Cornetto.
After sacrificing an evening of (important) revision to go and see Charlie in his debut solo performance in Notting Hill, I was hooked on this album and haven’t stopped listening to it since. The exquisite use of strings throughout the album is really what allows you to get lost in it, to reduce the world to just you and your thoughts (and Damien).
Now, that is saying something considering the fact that I regard clothes as ‘old’ after having worn them twice.
A person’s music collection can provide some surprising insights into their personality; a lot of us get surprisingly defensive when our playlists are being violated by judgemental eyes.
Lindsey Lohan copped out when she dyed her hair blonde but Ed is dedicated, he did for gingers what Pret did for Edamame beans; he made them cool.
If it turns out that I have to spend the next 16 years on this lonely island with only Charlie Simpson and my (I can only speculate) increasingly unstable thoughts for company, I would be completely okay with it.
This may sound silly but I do know that whatever favourable persona I had presented to my friends was undoubtedly shattered when they discovered that I had the movie soundtracks to all four Twilight films on my iPod.

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