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More: Ed Sheeran, 5 Seconds of Summer, Chelsea Briggs, Exclusive Hollywire Videos, Battle of the Boy Bands F-to the R-to the I-Day, guys! Okay, we know what you’re going to say about Ed being thrown in the ring: “He’s not a boy band!
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Talented piano-rocker who got dropped by her label and rose from the ashes as one of the most interesting entertainers in the last couple of decades, or a disillusioned girl who's spun into a spiral of self loathing investing all of her money into performances and pushing herself dangerously past her limits on stage as a product of feeling unworthy of her success because she feels she "sold out"?
Is she a talented singer who created her quirky personality and fashion sense to rise above the pool of unsigned talented musicians?
Is her calling freaks freaks, misfits misfits and calling her gay fans "effeminate queens" considered pandering to that audience? Part of why it's so effective is that it's someone so audacious as Lady Gaga is telling the people listening "Hey, it's okay for you to Be Yourself. Hell, the opening rant, "ENOUGH IS ENOUGH WITH THIS HORSESHIT!!" Could be counted as a brilliant Take That at the sort of people who use the Think of the Children! Three fan favorites from "Born This Way": "Marry The Night", "Americano", and "Bloody Mary".
Also for fan favorites, "Scheiße" and "Heavy Metal Lover" were the top two songs suggested by her favorite fan site to be her next single (after "The Edge Of Glory"). The operatic opening to "Government Hooker" has absolutely nothing to do with the rest of the song. Or there those fans who think the additional songs added in The Fame Monster are Gaga at her peak. Most of her songs, especially those released as singles and thus subjected to more airplay. The Fame Monster gave us "Dance in the Dark", which was so universally loved by her fans, she actually posted on Facebook questioning whether she ought to make "Alejandro" a single or not. As a testament to this sentiment, a fan made a nigh-professional fan video for Bloody Mary. Fan Hater: Some of the Hype Aversion experienced by Gaga at certain point partially came down to this as Little Monsters don't really have the best reputation on the internet.
Also, there seems to be a rivalry between the Little Monsters and the fans of every other diva. Faux Symbolism: Sometimes there are so many visuals in her day to day life, her music videos, her shows, her outfits, some of them seem meaningless or don't make sense or directly conflict with the idea she says they are for, see Don't Ask Don't Tell Clueless Aesop in the Music tab. Gaga has been accused repeatedly of cultural appropriation, most recently with her song "Aura", which has drawn criticism for sexualising the burqa. During Pride Month 2014 she made a poorly-worded tweet that seemingly referred to herself as a straight person who supported gay rights.

Magnum Opus Dissonance: She feels that ARTPOP is her best work yet, but many Little Monsters think she reached her apex in Born This Way.
Laurieann Gibson, Gaga's choreographer, becoming a laughing stock in the Little Monster community after she went on an unintentionally hilarious Twitter rampage. Mondegreen: "One second I'm a Koons, then suddenly the Koons is me" (Koons being the artist Jeff Koons) from "Applause" is commonly heard as "One second I'm a kunst, then suddenly the kunst is me". In the Bad Romance video, towards the end, we get a shot of her draped in a polar bear rug, pulling an epic pose with fire in the background.
Her SXSW performance of "Swine", in which guest performance artist Millie Brown chugged a bottle of neon-green-colored milk, then purged her throat and puked it all over Gaga. Periphery Demographic: She's actually very popular with middle aged women and mothers, probably because of her heavy Madonna influence. Retroactive Recognition: She had a blink-and-you'll-miss-it background role in The Sopranos as one of AJ's friends in the scene where they destroyed the swimming pool. Suspiciously Similar Song: "Born this Way" is very similar to Madonna's "Express Yourself" both in terms of sound and theme. They Copied It, So It Sucks: Similarities have been found between songs of hers and songs from years past, and this is used by many of her haters as a justification for hating her.
Her influence on DADT is open to interpretation, some think she just jumped on the band wagon, some think she caused it to change, some think it was just going to happen and she just helped it happen faster. Win Back the Crowd: "Aura", a considerably more fun and less serious track, drew back many folks who had dismissed Gaga after "Born This Way" took a turn into the preachy and serious. Some of her recent costumes have been less flashy and more "normal", likely as a way to avoid alienating her more casual fans. Faux Symbolism: On top of her usual incredibly dense (and somewhat confusing) symbolism, this one is packed full of red skintight nun habits, Knight Templar robes (though the trope itself doesn't quite apply), and EATING rosary beads. She told Larry King before it premiered there was a central theme about Don't Ask, Don't Tell. Or perhaps another indication may be you shouldn't be so quick to accept her metaphors too literally.
Other sources, like the director, have said that it's about moving on after losing your love, and that the Rosary eating was symbolic of wanting to take holiness into one's self. She's recently taken a hit for refusing to let Weird Al release a parody of "Born This Way" after insisting to hear a finished song before she gives it any further consideration (something Al took time off of his family vacation to do). The backdraft endind when she claimed that she never got to hear the song and her manager owned up to not even bothering to show her the song, which she gave full approval when she did get to hear it. What Do You Mean, It Wasn't Made on Drugs?: The intro and the kaleidoscope effects and everything in between look like a bizzare 80's video. We do not control the content or links that appear on these sites and are not responsible for the practices employed by websites linked to or from our site.
All on the same day, he played three secret gigs: the first for 100 people in Suffolk, then next in a slightly bigger venue in London, then the third in Dublin to a bigger crowd.
Literally everyone: Usher, Hilary Duff, The Vamps, Demi Lovato (at least if their Twitter interactions are to be believed) and The Game!
They released their newest single and lyrics video for “Don’t Stop” and, not gonna lie, they’re still totally cute in comic book form.
Is that a good thing or a bad thing, is she alienating those she's trying to help fit in, or isolating them so she can use them for their money (For better or worst). So many people on YouTube have campaigned for it to be the Lady's next single, it's insane.
Any thread discussing the former will bring up the latter as a point of debate, and vice versa.
Though some have noted that she has the oddest habit of wearing makeup that makes her look like a man in drag, Lady Gaga has confirmed that she does indeed that she does this on purpose for whatever reason this may be.

The fact that Gaga has worn several glitzy "burqas" and initially referred to the offending track as "Burqa" really doesn't help. Basically, this led to detractors claiming that she has lied about being bisexual for a good 5 or 6 years and piggybacked fame from the gay community. Two tweets that went memetic were "listen u disrespectful fuck they had an issue on set I don?t lie!!!!!" and "ignorance breeds all this bad tweeting about someone u don?t know.", which morphed into just "you disrespectful fuk" and "ignorant breeds" respectively.
Fridge Brilliance and Bilingual Bonus kicks in when one realises "kunst" is German, Dutch and Estonian for "art". Madonna herself decided to take a shot at this by singing the chorus of Gaga's song during her's. While many are strict conservative groups, a surprising amount of race and gay right activists don't appreciate her having appointed herself their spokesperson (words taken from a magazine article). While it might be hard to pick that up on its own, knowing about it in advance and applying the context could result in a Tear Jerker.
Out-of-context visual allegory inconsistent with the writing and that requires her yelling "SPOILERS!!" into a megaphone to understand should be a tip-off.
While refusing the parody is understandable (Al's been turned down by other artists before with no genuine hard feelings) the fact that all proceeds from the sale of the song and its video would go to the Human Rights Campaign (a LGBT group that Gaga would presumably support) is where the real controversy starts to kick in.
In addition, these sites or services, including their content and links, may be constantly changing. He is but one man, but he’s honestly been doing the work of three Sheeran’s this week, so roll with it. For Billboard, it’s a no-brainer: they’re getting mauled by fans everywhere they go, they’ve got the thumbs up from One Direction and they’re also super-talented musicians. Depending on how much the person making the analysis likes her and her music, she falls somewhere between all three. In an awards show where country music artists almost never even get nominated in the all-genre awards. Fans of the former will say that Gaga is no fun anymore, while fans of the latter will dismiss The Fame as vapid and fake when compared to Born This Way. Gaga Lampshaded it in a Saturday Night Live sketch where she performed an alleged Cover Version of "Express Yourself" that was actually "Born This Way". Browsing and interaction on any other website, including websites which have a link to our site, is subject to that website's terms and policies.
Both of these musical acts are fiercely talented and sprinting to the finish line, who will win the gold?
On the other hand, Fred Rogers spread that same message for four decades and never once wore a meat dress. For the record, Gaga has said that she loves Taylor Swift, and Swift said the same, so the whole thing is pathetic. And yet again, Lady Gaga likes and respects the women (well, just respects Madonna), making the whole rivalry pointless.
He also did the same thing in Australia, starting in a fan’s living room, then a pub, then a concert hall.
BEYONCÉ's massive success despite literally no prior promotion made before its release made ARTPOP look worse in comparison. Naturally, Gaga's haters are thriving in their opportunity to call her a flop note Which is inaccurate. While the argument could be made that ARTPOP underperformed, it still became the ninth best-selling album of 2013 with 2.3 million copies sold.

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