The singer-songwriter has premiered the official music video for upcoming single Sing on his Facebook page. Oh, and the real Ed Sheeran and Pharrell Williams (who features on the track) are in the vid too.
Meghan Trainor chante et danse avec Snoopy et ses amis pour la bande originale du film Snoopy et les Peanuts. The track is driven by some smooth acoustic guitars that gets backed up by some infectious, energetic drum work which makes for something exceptional. As a huge fan of the Olympics, I was looking forward to joining AT&T on the sunny shores of Venice Beach this past weekend.

Right after touching down in sunny San Diego, we immediately hit the ground running to search for a spot to call home-base. Sauf que quand elle le fait au micro au visage d'un fan de 10 ans monter sur scA?ne avec elle pour un selfie, ceci devant 160 personnes pendant le festival Glastonbury, cela ne peut que buzzer sur le net ! You can hear Pharrell’s influence on the track, while Ed showcases his unique talents behind the mic. The track was produced by Pharrell, who comes along and combines his talents nicely with Ed. This is definitely nothing to sleep on, check out the track after the jump and speak your mind down below.

The Pharrell Williams-produced song is the lead release off Sheeran’s sophomore album x (meaning multiply). I consent for my contact details to be shared with the company supplying this competition's prize so they may contact me regarding their products or services.

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