To see our content at its best we recommend upgrading if you wish to continue using IE or using another browser such as Firefox, Safari or Google Chrome. If you happened to be out and about in Los Angeles last Christmas Eve, you might have seen Ellie Goulding and dubstep superstar Skrillex in Santa hats, handing out parcels. Foram divulgados na ultima semana, os indicados ao maior premio do Reino Unido, o BRIT Awards 2016, e e claro que o One Direction nao poderia ficar de fora. Equipe: Giovanna Reggiolli, Gabriela Almeida, Ruth de Mello, Gabriela Torrejon, Mariana Martins, Daniela Cardoso, Douglas Oliveira e Carolina Oliva. She has an extraordinary voice, high and hoarse with a tremulous vibrato that invests every note with intense emotion. Esse e o quinto ano consecutivo que o grupo e indicado a tal premiacao, dessa vez as categorias foram British Group e British Video (Drag Me Down).
A cerimonia de entrega do Brits acontecera dia 24 de fevereiro na O2 Arena em Londres, Inglaterra.
Somos apenas um site, feito por fas, que deseja passar informacoes sobre a banda, para os fas do Brasil.

She swoops and flutters around melodies, shifting from soft, raspy intimacy to trilling, birdlike melismas and full on soul roaring. Ed was probably feeling nostalgic after a hugely successful first year in the industry that saw him score a Big Top 40 number one single, a number one album as well as sweeping the BRITs nominations. I was supposed to be an elf but there weren’t any outfits left so I ended up looking like a crap Santa. Goulding was the sweet voiced, fresh-faced chanteuse who scored a No 1 hit with a plaintive cover of Elton John’s Your Song and sang at the Royal wedding. Skrillex was the enfant terrible of America’s EDM (electronic dance music) explosion, playing an aggressive form of techno to arenas full of teenage ravers.
Some commentators compared their relationship to the Michael Hutchence and Kylie Minogue romance of the late Eighties, with the implication that our innocent pop sweetheart was being corrupted by evil electro forces. Her parents divorced when she was five and she moved, with her mother, to an isolated, rural area.
Before Goulding had released any music, she had become a hot tip, topping the BBC Sound of 2010 poll and winning the Critics’ Choice Award at the 2010 Brits.

It is the voice that has driven everything, winning over royalty and entrancing electro producers.
Goulding is a fitness fanatic who runs six miles a day, and goes jogging with fans when she is touring. Her latest album, Halcyon (which was released in October) is a quantum leap beyond her debut. Her voice is sampled and embedded in an electronic tapestry, creating effects that are futuristic and organic.

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