Attorneys for Colorado theater shooting suspect James Holmes say detectives "peppered" him with questions like, "Is there anything we should know about?" before he was read his rights. DENVER (Reuters) - A Colorado judge denied a request by a Fox News journalist on Friday to view a notebook accused movie theater gunman James Holmes sent to his psychiatrist that reportedly detailed his plans to commit mass murder. Oggi, Lunedi 7 Luglio 2014, Ashton Irwin, batterista dei 5 Seconds Of Summer, compie 20 anni!

La band ha festeggiato, con alcune ore di anticipo, il compleanno di Ashton sul palco dello Stadio Olimpico di Torino dove, Calum e Michael hanno guidato il pubblico nella tipica canzoncina di auguri, prima di scherzare sul fatto che non e piu un teenager.
La band australiana, alla numero #1 della classifica italiana con l’album di debutto omonimo, tornera in Italia con due imperdibili tappe del Rock Out With Your Socks Out l’8 e 9 Maggio a Torino e Milano! La vostra Estate ai Team World Summer Camp 2016!44711 lettureMarina Rose Joyce e veramente in pericolo?

The singer and Girl Meets World actress has been sharing incredible photo shoot pics associated with the record for some time now, and we love the styles she's been wearing lately.

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