With every passing year, the music world becomes filled with new, “cutting edge” genres, ridiculous fashion trends and attention seeking future “superstars”. Rather than being submerged in murky drones and the heavy bass of Grime, Sheeran’s EP is composed of haunting, sensitive production which meshes the protagonist’s acoustic compositions with sombre, intense beats. First launched in London in 2007, SoulCulture is a daily-updated blog portal for music features and a broader spectrum of creative culture. Late onto listening to Ed Sheeran personally, he?s become one of the top talked about acts coming out of the UK nowadays. To me, the first couple tracks are the best off of the album, I feel once it hits about the halfway point, it tapers off to sound like more of the same, with maybe one or two exceptions from ?The City? and ?Lego House?. Representing the last of the purer, more organic musicians is Ed Sheeran, a mild mannered, carrot topped singer whose compositions resemble classic folk. Ed Sheeran is excellent as a storyteller, even when in the midst of some immense lyrical talent. The original, thought-provoking content is produced by an international team of passionate contributors.
Raised in Framlingham, England, he began recording in 2005 and moved to London in 2008 to pursue a musical career.

He released his debut album + back in September of 2011, but he?s found astounding popularity out of it.
Showing more music involvement with some bass guitar to groove along to, but it steps away from his slow melodic strumming styles. The most personal song off the album, it?s a very quiet, lonely type of song, accompanied only by a piano, the song goes very down to earth. But the power in his delivery (both voice and his guitar) has won him many fans – including those from the Grime scene. In 2009, he played 312 gigs and in early 2011, Sheeran released an independent extended play, No. Generally too late to review an album, not only is + a pleasure to listen to, but this 12 song album will 6 singles total, most recently ?Give Me Love? set to be released November 26 of this year.
To me he seems similar to a Jason Mraz or James Blunt, yet he stands out entirely at the same time.
Ed Sheeran really raised the bar with his debut album and I hope he can reach it when he eventually releases a follow up. That?s incredibly impressive a statistic as it is, especially from a debut album, each single has found a fair amount of success.

He produces, strums his guitar, has a very melodic voice, but is also capable of beat boxing and rapping on his tracks.
However, Sheeran has proven to be an extremely hard worker (he played 319 gigs in one year alone back in 2009 before even being signed!) but he also has phenomenal music ability and he will do well for himself. Written about a homeless woman, struggling with heroin addiction as well as prostitution, it finds its way to mix emotions. He?s performed Pink Floyd?s ?Wish You Were Here? at the 2012 London Olympics Closing Ceremony, as well as collaborated with Taylor Swift on her latest album Red. However, the song is certainly worth listening to, because it opens the door and pulls you in to Sheeran?s music, then from there, everything else is just a pleasant surprise.

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