Procrastination is process of delaying or postponing something by saying this I have time and I will do it latter and he performs it at the last moment of time.
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A procrastinate do not able to do the work properly and cannot give a good final touch to his task.

These reasons are starting unpleasant and complex projects, lack of motivation, fear of failure etc.
If you are wondering which version to use, this page contains information on how to properly format your cover page using the latest APA Manual. At the end he is not satisfied from his performance.This habit causes stress, a sense of guilt, crisis in procrastinate and result in loss of personal productivity. Anyone can overcome this habit by setting his objectives and priorities, making interest on work, work without any fear, work harder and harder till him complete it.The following are the Temporizing Procrastination Quotes that you can share with you friends and other people. Other possible complications of anorexia include heart-rhythm disturbances, digestive abnormalities, bone density loss, anemia, and hormonal and electrolyte imbalances.

Students delay their school assignments and they do not start it when they get it and waste their important time ultimately they lose the grade and do not perform well.

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