Don Ed Hardy is an American artist who expanded the world of tattoos out of dark alleys to fine art – which you can wear on your body in the beautiful Ed Hardy jeans, shirts, shoes, jackets, and hats that are available. I am too chicken to get a tattoo, but I love the gorgeous Ed Hardy designs that are available today. Gypzeerose - aka Rose Jones - is a Mom, nerdy, fun loving traveller through life, currently living in the East Bay in the San Francisco Area. When he graduated he was headed to academia until he met an Oakland tattoo artist who opened up that world to him.

You can dress yourself in Ed Hardy jeans, shirts, shoes and jackets and be wearing true American art.
He immersed him in the world of Japanese tattoos which was completely different than the rough tattoo world in the States. I pride myself on finding treasures that I bring to my customers and delivering exceptional customer service.
Hardy saw the artistic potential there, and developed tattoos as an art form in the United States.

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