In both Chinese and Western medicine, there are many causes of erectile dysfunction, also known as ED.
Generally speaking, Chinese medicine puts an emphasis on health maintenance rather than healing disease, though it certainly does that quite well. The brain releases chemicals to tell the nerves to relax the muscles that control the blood vessels leading into the penis.

Usually, a physical exam and an interview about sexual and medical history are enough to diagnose erectile dysfunction. I am going to look at your tongue, take your pulse, and palpate your abdomen.By finding out when you experience ED, what else is happening at that time, your stress level, how the quality of your erection differs from what your ideal erection is and the presence of other symptoms, I can diagnose the ED as one of the patterns of disharmony we expect to see with these symptoms.
In the case of erectile dysfunction, we’re also going to talk about diet and exercise.

Typically, I also teach my patients some short Qigong exercises and self-massage techniques for you to do at home (you can also do this kind of massage with an intimate partner).To make an appointment with me for treatment, please go to the Appointments page.

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