In a big hotel conference room near New York's Times Square, six doctors huddle around a greasy piece of raw pork. Frost consults for Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, the company behind the newly FDA-approved treatment Probuphine, and is teaching doctors how to use it. Although addiction specialists welcome Probuphine, which delivers a constant dose of the drug buprenorphine over six months, at this early stage it's complicated for physicians to add it to their repertoire. Patients using Probuphine were 14 percent more likely to stay opioid-free compared to those using a daily sublingual version of buprenophine, according to a study published this month in JAMA, the Journal of the American Medical Association.
The FDA approved Probuphine under the condition that physicians are trained and tested before implanting or even prescribing the treatment. To date, over 1,800 healthcare practitioners have been certified — 27 have implanted dozens of patients, according to a representative for Braeburn Pharmaceuticals, Probuphine's maker. Gloria Baciewicz, chief of addiction psychiatry at the University of Rochester Medical Center, says using the new treatment will take some adjustments. Prescribing Probuphine may also call for a new approach to the counseling and behavioral therapy that is typically recommended for those on medication-assisted treatment. Braeburn has offered to help physicians verify if an insurance plan would reimburse any of the cost. Despite having to get certified and the other hurdles, many doctors welcome the treatment option.
So it's good to have a another way to deliver medication-assisted treatment, says Richard Rosenthal, medical director of addiction psychiatry for the Mount Sinai Health System. Some specialists recommend patients stay on medication-assisted treatment for years, or even indefinitely. Authors of the JAMA study suggest further investigation of Probuphine to gauge issues often associated with buprenorphine, such as diversion or pediatric exposure.

This story is part of a reporting partnership with NPR, Side Effects Public Media and Kaiser Health News. Designed w SMART living, this 1 yr new custom home built by Hibbs, offers a flr plan that most dream about-Every rm, detail & feature has been added to make your living and life, Enjoyable! Listings displaying the MARIS logo are courtesy of the participants of Mid America Regional Information Systems Internet Data Exchange. Michael Frost demonstrates use of Probuphine, an implant that dispenses medication to treat opioid addiction.
They watch as addiction medicine specialist Michael Frost delicately marks the meat, incises it and implants four match-sized rods. Because physicians who treat addiction don't necessarily have experience with surgery or access to sterile spaces, some are having to learn a new skill and develop new systems. It promises to be life-changing for people already stable in recovery using medication-assisted treatment, who would otherwise need a daily dose of a similar drug to stay free of cravings and withdrawal pains. Patients in this study had been stable on buprenorphine for an average of three and a half years beforehand. It takes the choice out of that," says Ella Leers, a doctor who treats substance abuse at the Carnegie Hill Institute in Manhattan. But, she adds, there need to be as many effective treatments as possible for opioid use disorder. According to the company, Blue Cross Blue Shield and United Healthcare approved reimbursement for a few patients who have implants. Opioid drug overdoses have reached epidemic levels — roughly 78 Americans die every day from opioid overdose, according to the Center for Disease Control and Prevention. He was in recovery for almost a year, taking another medication, when he signed up for a Probuphine clinical trial.

For now, Probuphine can only be prescribed for two runs of six-month use and is meant for people already stable on 8 mg or less of a medication like buprenorphine. The entry, dining rm, great rm, kitchen & breakfast area are all open and inviting w 12 ft. Louis Association fo Realtors' MLS which is operated by Mid American Regional Information Systems (MARIS).
If doctors can't perform the implanting themselves, they need to coordinate with another doctor who can. For now, doctors need to buy the Probuphine kits that run almost $5,000 themselves, and then bill patients or insurance companies. Medicare, Medicaid and the VA have Probuphine in their formulary and are required to cover it if deemed medically necessary. He said Probuphine freed him from weekly doctor visits and pharmacy runs, and from fears of how sick he'd feel if he missed a dose or forgot to take his medication. Most participants, they note, were white, employed, had at least a high school education and were previously addicted to prescription opioids rather than heroin. Her team was already planning on moving to another space, which will have the facilities they need to conduct minor surgery.
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