When junior developers first hear about RAP their first question is often: why would I want my Eclipse IDE in a browser?  While this certainly one path you could take with RAP, it was never the objective. There are already several client side implementations of the protocol, including an open reference implementation based on HTML 5, and several developer previews for mobile devices (such as Android and iOS smartphones and tablets). Finally, you can now run RAP without the entire Eclipse workbench, making it really easy to build web-based APIs on top of Equinox and other Eclipse technologies. Ivan Furnadjiev, Ralf Sternberg and Tim Buschtons are the hard-working committers behind RAP! Prasad Kharkar is a java enthusiast and always keen to explore and learn java technologies.
Hello all, in this tutorial we are going to learn to create a Hello world jsf 2 application in eclipse. The scenario here is that I have an Eclipse Workspace where I am creating an Enterprise Application (EAR) that has a single Web Module (WAR). We can also use the Standard Eclipse Software Updater, however does take time to download either way. Once the installer download process has completed it will prompt if you are OK to trust an unsigned download.
The server create wizard will detect the WAS profiles associated with this particular set of WebSphere Application Server Network Deployment binaries. We can see that I have chosen my stand alone Application Server profile as created with the manageprofiles.bat command earlier on.
Once started you will see that the Console tab appears and you will see the output from the application severs SystemOut.log.
If you get the following error then we need to change your project settings as we are using WAS 8, not WAS 8.5. Just make sure that when you create your EAR project that you set the runtime to be WebSphere Application Server 8, so the facts are set correctly.

Eclipse Juno keeps opening my HTML files in a embedded web-browser, rather than in an embedded syntax-highlighting editor.
I need it to work with Django templates + any other Python templates with HTML + normal HTML+JS files.
If the extension you want is missing, left click on the Add button to the right of the upper view to add the extension.
Now you should have the option to choose the HTML editor when opening files by right-clicking, Open With -> HTML Editor.
Nothing worked and I had begun getting an unrelated error on startup with a troubleshooting step requiring reinstall. This time I downloaded Eclipse for Mobile Developers, and since then I have added my other packages and it's all working fine =). None of the editors work the way I want them to though, however I have ended up with Django-Editor (which is slightly better than Aptana's one). I am trying to add eclipse editor in 'open with' menu for files with a particular extension. I'm just now downloaded and installed Android SDK and SDK in my Ubuntu system and I've successfully linked them.
I apologise for the very amateur question about E4 but I am a bit confused about a couple of things about RCP development using the new Eclipse 4 framework. Eclipse projects are often designed with a high degree of extensibility in mind, allowing consumers to use the technology in ways never imagined by the original developers. I just went to sign up for the Dev Preview and found out that the name and site had changed, and that i no longer needed to sign up. Click the download option and eclipse will search for available JSF2 implementation libraries.
Now the current tools don’t know about WAS 8 as they did not exist when the Tools plugin was created, so we want to see if it possible to get a plugin from IBM.

Left click on the Add button to the right of the lower view to add one or more HTML editors.
Once I installed the html editor (thanks to CgodLEY), still my html files wouldnt show up with that editor. The drop down list stays open until the user clicks outside or selects one of the options in the drop down list. I have downloaded the java jdk-6u24-windows-i586, and Eclipse eclipse-jee-helios-SR2-win32. I'd like to have Eclipse put generated binaries etc in another folder (outside the project folder). Is this build uses project which is configured default build or it builds based on the eclipse plugin?
When the tests finish, I want the Eclipse internal web browser to open the HTML result report automatically. Note: I don't wanna search all the files I have in that workspace, just the ones open in tabs. Until recently his was not possible unless you used MyEclipse Blue or Rational Application Developer.
Left click on your favorite HTML editor and left click on the Default button to make it the default editor.
But IBM has finally started to release these Eclipse plugins for this who choose to develop in Eclipse and not license the IBM RAD product.

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