Join tens of thousands of doctors, health professionals and patients who receive our newsletters. The so-called miraculous treatment of the two American missionaries struck down by the Ebola virus has been in the headlines for the past week, but where did this drug come from? One of the world's most infectious diseases, Ebola has a case fatality rate of around 90% and is characterized by the abrupt onset of fever, intense weakness, muscle pain, headache and sore throat.
The experimental combination of pre-formed monoclonal antibodies given to the two American missionaries is one of several potential Ebola treatments that are currently being developed. ZMapp is a three-mouse monoclonal antibody; it was made by collecting the antibodies created in the blood of mice after exposing them to fragments of the Ebola virus. The methodology, he writes, first began to be developed following the discoveries of microbiologists Louis Pasteur and Robert Koch, who started to identify the agents of diseases such as anthrax, diphtheria and pneumonia.
By 1890, humoral factors were then discovered in infected animals that could be transferred into laboratory animals to protect them from the toxins of diphtheria and tetanus. In some cases, it was able to affect recovery in patients who had previously been considered to be on the brink of death, mirroring the dramatic turnaround in the case of Dr. Although it looks as though the two Americans could be heading toward recovery, there is still a lot of uncertainty surrounding ZMapp and its role in the future of the Ebola epidemic. Many are wondering whether the drug will be given to others who have been affected by the outbreak. The missionaries may have been offered ZMapp on compassionate grounds by the drug's manufacturers, as the WHO and Samaritan's Purse (the missionaries' organization) have said that they did not fund the treatment.
Theirs appears to be a fortunate case, but it is hopeful that the apparent success of this treatment could inspire the creation of a fully licensed vaccine to combat the threat of Ebola. Podolsky believes that the earlier era of passive serotherapy can provide further inspiration for the treatments of tomorrow. For more information about Ebola and its potential impacts, Medical News Today has a Knowledge Center article that details precisely what Ebola is and how it is contracted.
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With the recent outbreaks of Ebola across Guinea, northern Liberia and Sierra Leone, we take a close look at what Ebola is and its potential impacts.
Body of First Ebola Victim in Nigeria Cremated As It Is Revealed His Sister Died From The Disease 3 Weeks Ago! Yesterday we found out that the first recorded victim of Ebola in Nigeria had died on Friday 25th July.
According to reports, Mr Sawyer’s sister died from the Ebola virus three weeks ago in Liberia. Sanidad ordeno la realizacion de una formacion express al personal del hospital Carlos III que se va a encargar del tratamiento del sacerdote espanol infectado en Liberia por el virus del ebola. El cursillo no dicen si se lo han dado al vigilante de la puerta y si ha sido fuera de las horas de trabajo y si ha sido a si, si lo han pagado. Respetables todas las opiniones, lo pragmatico es que saben del riesgo que corren y teoricamente el riesgo hay que asumirlo, cuando uno toma la decision de estar donde estar. Por otro la respuesta humanitaria y solidaria tambien entra en la reaccion de una sociedad, obligada con sus ciudadnos. Hasta ahora, soliamos ordenar nuestros albaranes, facturas y documentos de manera convencional: realizabamos los agujeros oportunos y los archivabamos en carpetas en funcion de su procedencia.
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Chan ha senalado tambien en rueda de prensa que “el riesgo de propagacion internacional es particularmente grave, en vista de la virulencia del virus, las pautas de transmision, los debiles sistemas de salud, y la falta de personal medico y medios en los paises  afectados”. La responsable ha agregado que  “una respuesta internacional coordinada es esencial para detener y revertir la propagacion mundial del ebola”. Por su parte, Keiji Fukuda, director general adjunto para Seguridad Sanitaria de la OMS, ha dicho que, pese a la gravedad del brote, la enfermedad “puede ser contenida”. El directivo ha pedido a los paises afectados que declaren la emergencia sanitaria nacional.
La OMS ha pedido tambien a la comunidad internacional que ayude de manera urgente a los paises castigados por el brote. Karl Brantly and Nancy Writebol were working at a hospital in Liberia, where it is believed they contracted the deadly Ebola virus - responsible for 961 deaths during the current outbreak, according to the World Health Organization (WHO) as of August 6th.

However, the missionaries were offered the opportunity to be given ZMapp - an experimental drug that had previously only been tested on monkeys - and it looks as though the treatment may have saved their lives. Scott Podolsky, associate professor of Global Health and Social Medicine at Harvard Medical School, has written in the Annals of Internal Medicine that ZMapp has much in common with methods of treating illness that were being developed toward the end of the 19th century. Podolsky writes that this method mirrors that of passive serotherapy that was developed over a century ago.
Podolsky writes of "once-moribund patients described as sitting in their beds reading the newspaper the following morning," following serotherapy. The drug has not yet been cleared by the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) for public use.
Antimicrobial remedies such as bacteriophage therapy, probiotics and passive serotherapy all have their origins in the same era and could become increasingly important as more and more diseases develop resistance to antibiotics.
The Liberia man, Patrick Sawyer flew into Nigeria on Sunday 20th July unknowingly bringing the dreaded disease along with him. El cursillo fue impartido esta misma madrugada por especialistas del Servicio de Prevencion de Riesgos Laborales de La Paz, a pocas horas de la llegada al centro del padre Miguel Pajares. Ya no os cuento en las pruebas de laboratorio, donde se hacen analisis de hepatitis c, Sida, Meningitis, etc dia si, dia tambien. Si tienen hombria o verguenza que digan el coste de esta operación de traslado o si no como siempre quedais como unos sinverguenzas.
Scott Podolsky writes that the inspiration for the drug is rooted in the pioneering research of the late 19th century.
However we do know Ebola can also be spread from dead bodies, which is why Lagos State Health official cremated the body of Patrick Sawyer to contain the disease and avoid it spreading.
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