Reuters reports that AMMS developed the experimental cure for Ebola, a drug known as JK-05. According to Sihuan management, the drug has been in development for five years and has been effective in animal tests conducted on mice.
Overall, however, Chinese medicines and medical treatments (including traditional medicine like acupuncture) remains a popular choice for many in Africa. I always hesitate when it comes to re-posting or sharing articles on health tips and miracle cures.
An email about a cancer cure purportedly sent by Johns Hopkins Hospital has been making its rounds since 2004.
Would you believe a website post that claims a 100% scientifically-proven way to help you get rid of diabetes in three weeks?
While certain natural foods may work for some people, they may not be as effective for others.
There are bad habits that are detrimental to our health yet some folks don't seem to be affected by these habits.
There is also the confusion created by conflicting reports, including those issued by doctors and medical researchers.
Let's not forget businesses that stand to reap big profits from news of any study that shows health benefits of a particular food or juice.
Now you know why this blog does not carry many posts on health claims, like consuming green papaya to get rid of uric acid, or drinking celery juice to lower blood pressure. Q: If a questionable diagnosis of ASD gets a kid some services he or she needs, even if the diagnosis just loosely applies, or is arrived at according to a more conservative standard, why is that a bad thing? When a diagnosis of ASD really applies a child’s limitations need to be accepted, worked with, and worked around. A child may have a cluster of speech and language, fine- or gross-motor delays, social and emotional difficulties which get lumped together as a case of mild ASD. Parents are often unaware of how a severe diagnosis like ASD can follow a child and have unfavorable effects as that child enters adulthood, such as being denied, or having to pay more for, disability and life insurance, be prevented from pursuing certain careers in law enforcement and the military, or be denied a trucking or pilot’s license in many states, as well as a host of other restrictions. If an ASD diagnosis applies it can be effective in getting a child much needed services and lead to a child’s limitations being accepted and worked with in humane, realistic ways. Q: In your experience, what childhood phenomena are most likely to be confused with mild cases of Autism Spectrum Disorder? Otherwise, delayed language development, a proneness to tantruming, fussy eating, a preference for isolated play with objects, being “slow-to-warm,” or introverted by temperament, are, in my experience, the most common aspects of children that get confused with a mild case of autism.
Also, in our “politically-correct” ways of trying to be gender neutral we may overlook how boys develop differently than girls, on average, setting many boys up for a false diagnosis of mild ASD. Q: Is there any advice you can give parents who are thinking of getting their children assessed to help them prevent a false diagnosis from occurring?
So, it is extremely important that parents insist that the person doing the assessment allow a parent to be in the room for an extended period of time to put the child at ease so that the assessment is being conducted with a child when they are at their best, emotionally speaking, and not unduly stressed. Note: If you need help accessing information in different file formats, see Instructions for Downloading Viewers and Players.
As of yet, there have been no clinical trials of JK-05; the company plans to test the drug out first on Chinese nationals who have contracted the disease in Africa.
China has been active in sending both aid and medical workers to affected African countries. China began sending medical teams to Africa in the early 1960s; as of 2013, China had medical teams in 42 African countries, accounting for most of the 1,200 Chinese medical personnel stationed in developing countries. In recent years, Chinese companies have been accused of dumping counterfeit drugs in African markets, resulting in billions of dollars and countless lives lost because of fake medications.
An effective treatment for Ebola would only further solidify China’s role in providing medical aid on the African continent.
Foreign Citizenship Brought Into QuestionVisa authorities are demanding Canadians of Chinese descent apply as Chinese nationals when traveling to China. The internet is replete with websites and YouTube videos that tout the perfect answer to our medical conditions, for example, the most effective way to remove kidney stones or the best way to detox.

Or that wearing a scalar pendant made of volcanic ash will improve blood circulation, enhance memory and energy? In the first place, I have no way of verifying the information unless the original source is mentioned. We all know what we should eat and do for good health, but when it comes to putting the health tips into daily habits, how many of us actually follow through? In the interest of spreading awareness about common factors that lead to the misdiagnosis of Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD), we spoke with Dr. Gnaulati: The latest statistics out of the famed Centers for Disease Control and Prevention reveal that 1 in 68 children are now affected by autism. Gnaulati: What the average parent does not understand is that a diagnosis of ASD is a severe diagnosis that teachers, outside professionals, and the lay public still very much view as a serious, disabling condition.
If, on the other hand, the diagnosis does not really apply your child may face false life limitations and restrictions. Girls learn to point as a communicative gesture earlier than boys, are more empathic, acquire language sooner, and engage in social play to a greater extent than boys. Stanley Greenspan, the inventor of the highly-effective Floortime approach to treating autistic children, conducted a study several years ago of 200 autism assessment programs around the country, many of which were located in prestigious medical centers. Young children vary in their ability to part from a parent and be in the presence of a stranger without being unduly stressed. His work has been featured on Al Jazeera America, KPCC Los Angeles, The Atlantic, and Salon. For Beijing, a swift and proactive response to the Ebola crisis is an extension of China’s friendly relationship with African countries – and helps fight the oft-heard accusations that China is acting as a “neo-colonialist” power on the continent. These teams are responsible for treating African patients as well as training African doctors – and, of course, providing medicines.
Critics blame lax regulations in China for the problem while Chinese officials say African smugglers and counterfeiters are largely behind the sale of fake drugs.
It would also give a huge boost to the global reputation of China’s pharmaceutical industry, which has struggled to find a foothold in many developed countries. Even if a name is stated, and the writer is a medical professional, how do we know if he is not a fictitious person or using a pseudonym? No one can deny that smoking is hazardous to health, but having said that we all know of folks who have lived to a ripe old age puffing away on a pack or two of cigarettes a day.
And if enough people claim that eating egg yolk strengthens the heart muscles, it's a sure bet the price of eggs will soar in response to a hike in demand, never mind the lack of creditable studies to prove the veracity of such claims. In the second place, I am not medically qualified to make any statement to support these claims.
Applying a diagnosis of ASD can immediately classify your child in the mind of others as “impaired,” or “severely limited” which can then impact how they perceive and interact with your child. But, when a diagnosis does not really apply it can have untoward effects on a child where he or she might then create false self-limitations. However, separate, milder diagnoses can be used such as a Mixed Receptive-Expressive Language Disorder, a Communication Disorder Not Otherwise Specified, and a Developmental Coordination Disorder, and an Adjustment Disorder. Sometimes it’s as simple as a “perfect storm” of everyday circumstances that make a child look autistic-like. It is not until around age five that the average boy catches up with the average girl in these areas.
However, when the signs of autism are vague, mild, or unclear, parents need to be aware that the conditions surrounding a typical autism assessment can contribute to a struggling child appearing more autistic-like. He discovered that only 10 percent emphasized the need to observe a child along with a parent or guardian for more than ten minutes as they spontaneously interacted together. Reuters reports that Sihuan’s chairman, Che Fengsheng,  told investors that the company can file for approval with the Chinese Food and Drug Administration by the end of 2014. Still, there is at least some concern in China that the scandal will damage the goodwill built up in Africa through decades of medical exchanges. Yet there are people who have circulated it among their friends or posted it on their Facebook page, thus garnering more believers and keeping the hoax alive.

Drinking a glass of prune juice every day may relieve constipation for some people, but may have little or no effect for others. Cigar-chomping George Burns lived to a 100, and died of cardiac arrest in 1996, not lung cancer. There are opposing views on these, and all claim to be backed by extensive research and years of study.
Others may then expect less from your child, or “talk down” to him or her, which your child then might internalize as a “self-fulfilling prophecy” where he or she then think him or herself as less capable or limited. I have had cases where a child is being raised by non-English speaking nannies, who anticipated that child’s every need, thinking that to love that child is too do everything for him or her, like feed and dress and baby-talk to him or her beyond an age where it is appropriate. Without a firm knowledge of this professionals can falsely diagnose boys who are slow-to-mature in these areas. He, himself, tended to observe a child playing with a parent for forty-five minutes or more, waiting for choice points to enter the interaction to engage a child directly to see of he or she was capable of more eye contact, elaborate verbalizations, or shared emotional reactions. Do we fall for these claims line, hook and sinker without doing some research on their authenticity? On the other hand, Wayne McLaren, one of the Malboro men, died of lung cancer at the age of 51. The spike in diagnosis is mostly accounted for by “mild” cases of autism, where the afflicted child has acquired decent communication skills and has average, or above, intelligence. These same children did not attend pre-school and, as such, missed out on the rich array of social and emotional learning that entails. Che noted that Sihuan’s close ties to the Chinese military would help speed up the approval process. One of the more reliable websites to check whether a piece of information is a hoax or not is Snopes.
Again, it may prove to be the magical cure for some, but for others the same snake grass offers only false hopes.
Many of these milder cases go on to shed the disorder—upwards of 30 percent, according to a University of North Carolina, Chapel Hill study, making one wonder if the diagnosis really applied in the first place.
Then when they entered kindergarten sirens went off and teachers and school personnel went straight to assuming the children were autistic because they seemed to lack basic communicative and social skills. Greenspan believed that these conditions of safety and sensitive interaction were essential in order to obtain an accurate reading of a child’s true verbal and social skills.
No wonder die-hard smokers throw caution to the wind, and anti-smoking campaigns show little success. Remember, ASD is generally considered to be a life-long, disabling neuropsychiatric condition that a child does not shed as childhood progresses.
Consequently, with a sizable percentage of children supposedly shedding the diagnosis in the course of childhood, we have to start questioning the validity of the diagnosis in many cases. The snake oil salesmen of old have morphed into the deceptive, high-tech marketers of today. According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA), a health product is fraudulent if it is deceptively promoted as being effective against a disease or health condition but has not been scientifically proven safe and effective for that purpose. Scammers promote their products through newspapers, magazines, TV infomercials and cyberspace. You can find health fraud scams in retail stores and on countless websites, in popup ads and spam, and on social media sites like Facebook and Twitter. These statements are used to distract consumers from the obvious, common-sense questions about the so-called miracle cure.

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