Junctional Epidermolysis Bullosa is a rare skin disease that affects fewer than one per million people in the United States, but one infant in Demopolis has the disease. Her parents, Marcus and LaToya Catlin, are working to raise money to be able to take Adriana to the Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) Center at Cincinnati Children’s Hospital, which is one of the only treatment centers for EB in the country. LaToya said that because Adriana can’t eat by mouth, she has struggled with weight gain since she was born. She added that Adriana is still an arm baby and isn’t able to do what normal babies should be doing by that age. The family has a Facebook page for people to find out how to help, which is Support Baby Adriana. All I ever wanted to be was a mother, but I never could have anticipated the extreme circumstances in which I would learn the supreme sacrifice of motherhood, the devastating destruction a disease would have on a precious life. Four years later, after giving birth to my third child, we immediately discovered that he too was born with the same terminal disease. I soon realized that if I wanted things to be different, I had to get up and change something. I eventually developed the idea to do a fundraiser for the children in the hospital in honor of my two angel babies.
Heather Earl is a successful business owner and is currently working on developing a non-profit organization in Forney, Texas. HealthComU is a blog where passionate health communicators across the United States come to connect and collaborate online. EB is a group of genetic conditions that cause the skin to be fragile and to blister easily.
But I immediately became her biggest advocate by learning all that I could and taking care of her the best that I knew how.

I remember lying in front of the Christmas tree that year, looking at her empty cradle for several days, longing to have her back in my arms.
I read books and went to meetings searching for answers to the question of how to go on after losing a child. I couldn’t believe that I was right back on that long-suffering path watching another one of my children suffer so severely from pain. I began doing random acts of service and looking for opportunities to serve and volunteer my time. I began collecting books and pajamas and collected enough to fill a little wagon my first year. Heather is also a motivational speaker and certified life coach and spends her time mentoring women to find JOY in their journey. We discuss ideas with our peers, share the latest industry news, and learn from each other’s personal experiences in the field. Blisters and skin erosions form in response to minor injury or friction, such as rubbing or scratching.
She was moved to Children’s in Birmingham and had to have surgery to reconnect her intestines. Little did I know that three short days later, I would hear the words “terminal disease.” I soon learned that my first child was born with epidermolysis bullosa (EB) (junctional recessive). We lived in the children’s hospital for many months, spending time cherishing the days we had together. It was pure JOY to turn the years of pain from loss into giving back and blessing the lives of many others. She has endured many life trials, including losing two of her four children to a skin disease called epidermolysis bullosa (junctional recessive).

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We'd love to hear from you, and we'd love to increase the diversity of our writing even more! As a result of all of this, she has to eat through a feeding tube for the rest of her life. EB is a group of inherited connective tissue diseases that cause blisters in the skin and mucosal membranes.
I chose Halloween to deliver my donations, which is a holiday that I struggle with since the loss of my son. While delivering my large amount of donations to the hospital, I had the opportunity to share with several people why I was there, and our hearts were instantly connected. She spends her free time reading inspiring material, sharing anything uplifting, listening to music, serving at her church, and enjoying many random acts of kindness. It is a skin blistering disease where minor trauma to the skin causes the skin to be as fragile as butterfly wings. I longed to be a good mom to my second born healthy child but every holiday season, the emotions, memories, and sadness would trigger me back into depression. I have a choice; I can spend the day in bed recounting the painful memories, or I can get out of bed and be thankful for the beautiful memories I have. Each day I am alive is a gift, and I have an opportunity to take what I have gone through and bless someone else.

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